I went to Femmoto twice and enjoyed every minute of it. I never would have had that level of exposure to the bikes and products I did without it. Where else would you get to ride 10 different bikes on the track or street in one weekend? It was a great concept and the focus on women was the best aspect. The opportunity to ride sportbikes on the track was especially important to me as a lifelong sportbiker whilst I considered my next bike purchase.

Syl Salenius
Santa Ana, CA
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I think someone needs to pick up this ball that is just laying out there and run with it. It has so much potential!

Teri Medina
Oxnard, CA
Monday, April 25, 2011
Femmoto was an awesome event! I went in 2005 and bought my first sportbike as a result of attending that event. I bought a Kawasaki solely based on listening to Kawasaki's marketing director, Jan Plessner, talk about their commitment to women riders during a talk she gave at Femmoto. The event was such a great bargain...I think I paid $100 or $150 for the day. Where else can you do a track day...on several different bikes (that you don't own or prep!)...and get lunch...and ride with tons of great women riders for that price?!? I hope the new owners consider bringing it back!

Jill Hamilton
Bonsall, CA
Friday, April 22, 2011