Daz. Z:

As a user of both the heated packs and borrowing a HD heated vest, then purchasing a HD jacket liner, I can fully confirm that the heated liners are by far a better value and quality than using the heat packs -- at least for anyone who rides in cooler weather. At approx $2 per heat pack, using up to two a day for all day riding, that can get expensive over a whole riding season! Heated gear would then be a better investment.

Heat packs are great for those cool early morning summer rides or to keep in saddlebags for a return home that got later/cooler than expected.

For all day riding the heated liner/jacket/vest is great, plus the new HD jacket liner looks nice enough to wear as just a lightweight jacket itself.

As for gloves, all of the heated glove brands are to thick/long for my short fingers. I just don't feel that I have the best fit for working clutch/brake levers. Had that problem with all the thicker winter riding gloves I tried on though.

Indianapolis, IN
Monday, January 9, 2012
I apologize for my apparent lack of clarity.

My comments were directed to Daz Z. and that persons remarks on the pricing of electric gear. I intended to suggest that using 'warmer packs' might be 'throwing money out the window' as well as 'environmentally ignorant'.

But thank you for your reply.

Washington, DC
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
I still can't believe nobody has pulled Harley Davidson's chain on the pricing of their gear, not to mention they don't make a lot of their gear in the United States anymore. Just look at the labels. Heated or not, I wouldn't fork over that much money. You can buy hand warmer packs that mailmen use in there gloves which leave your hands able to perform. If you have the money to throw out the window, lucky you. Go for it.

Daz Z.
Parma, OH
Tuesday, December 14, 2010