Good article. I’m a male. I ride with my wife we toured in Africa and Europe. We do adventure riding/dirt roads/mountains on our own on our bikes. We don't pay any company. I am conscious of the needs of a woman and I think diversity is needed to improve the moto industry. This piece addresses this adequately. More women need to be at the decision-making levels.

I would, however, like to point out the sub-culture differences. Harley folks tend to have an old school (close minded?) attitude in general. Don’t believe me? Check out C90Adventures on youtube of a rider traveling around the world. His episodes in the US he made it a point to wave at each Harley rider, not a single one returned a friendly gesture. Universally, riders wave at each other. I experienced this first hand in different continents. Harleys, I gave up on them early on.

Not surprised at all by the points in this article. Given the general culture in Harley like groups.

I know that for beginners or women who never paid close attention, they hear motorcycle they think harley, of course cause we’re in the US. Cruiser motorcycles have been kind of dominating the motorcycle industry.

I do encourage women to do some research about sub-cultures of motorcycling such as Café Racer etc.

Others sub-cultures of motorcyclng like Adventure Motorcycling, it’s all about the spirit of helping each other and achieving goals together. Women are most welcome and are always considered during planning. Watch “The Long Way Down” with Ian McGreggor.

Finally, if you are going to be on the freeway or even country roads, i dont see the point of paying a tour company. Generally speaking, if you are going to ride on paved roads, a gps will do. Get a couple of friends or go on a forum (like HorizonsUnlimited) and post an ad or respond to an ad of someone seeking riding partners. Adventure Riding that’s more complicated cause involves logistics if bike breaks down in the woods cant get it towed...but if you re on the pavement why pay? I’m seriously curious


Pdx, OR
Friday, February 23, 2018
Editor Response
Don't give up, Fly. I've been that Harley rider who wasn't waved at. Even after waving myself. I made it a rule to always wave at all riders, no matter what I'm riding or they're riding. I even go one step further and give everyone the peace sign. It feels good even if they don't return the gesture.
Szulewski Tricia
Excellent article. I learned so much - things I never thought of. Thank you for being honest Genevieve!

Michele Wierzgac
Elgin, IL
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Genevieve, as usual, you have thought of everything. When I read any of your articles, I come away with the entire picture. Thanks for all that you do.

Joan Krenning
Mesa, AZ
Friday, March 28, 2014
Extremely well-written! I appreciated your frank and well-rounded approach. I am a very cost-conscious consumer, and many of the points you brought out about what to expect from a top-level tour company rang very true. If one is paying for a tour, one has the right to expect value for that payment -- and a key component of that -- customer service and customer expectations -- is often overlooked.

Diana Baker
Kennewick, WA
Sunday, December 5, 2010