Faye, I do ride a Harley (for the last 27 years) and have been in this ride from the beginning. It is such an experience to share with other women riders, and this is for a good cause. I think women accept other women riders no matter what bike you ride. When I started riding back in 1984, not many women rode bikes, and boy did I get the looks from everyone, but hey I was proud to be riding my own bike. Now I am amazed at all the women that are riding their own today. So I look forward to meeting you at the ride and the other women riders.

Ruth Balkham
Port Orange , FL
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Looking at the photos, just had me wondering were there other bikes besides the Harleys? This is a question I receive a lot, since I ride a touring scooter. I have been asked if we are even welcomed at Daytona. My answer to all these questions is look at the faces of these ladies and tell me that they really care about what you ride, or what the ride is actually for. I love that even though I choose to ride my scoot, it is wonderful to be accepted by the ladies and guys who ride the big bikes. I am so looking forward to this ride. Now if I could just twist some more folks' arms to fill the tank on my MDA web page.

Faye Mascarenas
Nashville, TN
Monday, January 24, 2011