I have had a Legend Air Suspension on my 2000 Ultra because of a woman.
About three years ago I wanted to replace my leaky stock shocks with a set from Progressive, however my daughter, an MMI grad, and currently a tech at Scuderia West in San Francisco (and former member of the Chopper Chick Crew and the XX Chromes), wouldn't let me. She said that Legends don't leak and that she doesn't want to put up with my complaining and having to change them out again in six months.

I have put about 25,000 miles on them and my bike still rides better than new. I love the ride and the almost infinite ride height settings. Adjusting on the fly has a new meaning with Legend; you can actually adjust the ride while you are rolling down the road. You can adjust for curves, high speed straights and bumpy surfaces or when a sizable friend goes for a ride with you. (I am not referring to my wife). Unlike other brands, Legend shocks have a full suspension ride quality even when all of the air out.

My daughter gets to benefit from the Legend Air Ride when takes my bagger out for a ride. She can lower it to a comfortable and safe level. She can flat foot it at stops.

Genevieve, I hope that you are able to test ride a bike with Legends on it for your write-up. Maybe they can hook you up at Sturgis this year. Keep up the good work

Jim Putman
Menasha, WI
Monday, March 22, 2010
Came about three years too late for me. Lowered my 2007 Low Rider 1.5 inches by installing Progressive 11 inch 430s in the back so I could sit on the bike and be flat footed. Had I had this option available at that time, I might have opted for a FLSTC instead of the Low Rider.

If you go with any kind of lowering shocks, I would also suggest lowering the front forks as well. This will bring your entire center of gravity lower and make the bike easier to steer and handle. That's what I did, and I couldn't be happier. The other consideration is the style/height of handlebar on your bike. Lowering only the rear could cause a new set of problems, depending on the new hand /arm/shoulder position it puts you in.

Lee Wos
Gladwin, MI
Monday, February 22, 2010