Dear Genevieve,

I love all the articles that are in your newsletters. I also love to read about the solo trips that you make. I have wanted to take a solo trip but my husband is afraid for me to travel alone. I would love to strike out on my own and just ride maybe to my daughter's home in North Carolina but hubby states he would be scared to death the whole time I was gone. How do I get him to relax?

Thanks for your inspiration and travels for us girls who love to keep the shiny side up!

Sandra Pesnell
Choudrant, LA
Saturday, November 7, 2009
Editor Response
Here is some general advice, but I don't know you so perhaps your husband's fears are warranted. Only you two know the answer to that.

Your husband's anxiety about a solo trip of yours is him expressing lack of confidence in your ability to do a trip alone. It's one thing for him to be concerned for your well being, but not allowing you to do something you want to do is him controlling you in a passive way. Negative energy is not what you want should you embark on a trip.

Many women travel solo on their motorcycle. I've written plenty about how to travel by motorcycle solo and how to conduct yourself in public places (gas stations, hotels, etc.) so as to not attract undesirable attention. Traveling solo is very empowering and can do wonders for a gal's self esteem. You do need to take proper precautions for your well being but really, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Your husband needs to let go of the proverbial leash and let your spirit soar. Assure him you'll check in with him every day, or at every rest stop if that's what he needs to cope with your absence. When you return from the trip, I guarantee you'll be a new woman, confident in your abilities and excited about your next adventure. And he as your husband, will reap the benefits of your newfound sense of self.
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Like that pink knife.

Christina Shook
San Francisco, CA
Monday, November 2, 2009