Had the Doran system on my trike. Was constantly loosing signal and red light would come on and run down my battery. Took it out and burned it.

Ben Ewiak
Erie, PA
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nice job installing this high-tech safety goodie. And thank you for mentioning Whitehorse Gear as a source for good quality motorcycle electrical hardware. As we add more electrical devices to our bikes all the time, it's vital to install the wiring properly.

This usually means installing a fuse panel of some kind, often with a relay kit to switch the panel. Advanced design panels like our AP-2 have both switched and unswitched circuits on the same panel. Very cool.

Oh, and a little tip on wire connectors. Crimp-on connectors do work but they're not usually very durable. Soldering is a simple task that can be done with $10 worth of tools. Also covering the insulated portion of the connector and a bit of the wire with quality heat-shrink tubing makes a very sturdy, professional connection.

Nice article! Thanks.

Center Conway, NH
Thursday, December 17, 2009
Wonder how this compares to the TireGuard Wireless system? I am looking into this.

Atlanta, GA
Monday, December 14, 2009
I purchased the Doran TMS for my Honda Gold Wing Motor Trike several months ago for a cross county ride. I didn't have time to install the system. It would have been nice to have. Even though I checked my tires every morning and every night, I still worried about leaks. Even though I'm pretty handy with a wrench I'll have my mechanic install the system. Your article is a great read. And the tire monitoring system is a must for any bike rider. Oh, last year I contacted Doran about the unit for the trike. At that time it wasn't available. But they kept me informed on availability. Great customer service.

Laurel Hall
American Canyon
Monday, December 14, 2009