Dear Shirley,

Under Markel American Insurance policies, dirt bikes are afforded the same consideration as a street legal motorcycle.

You do raise a very good point in that each state (and country) has its own unique laws and regulations where insurance coverage is concerned. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to how policies originating in Canada are written or how they respond when traveling to the United States. I am not aware of any state that limits motorcycles to no fault claims of $10,000, but no-fault laws may require a "threshold" be met before an individual can proceed against the party causing the accident; such a threshold can either be the nature of the injury or amount of damages. I invite you to contact us directly should you want to discuss in more detail.

As for crossing state lines with one of our policies within the US: our policies respond to the unique requirements of each state for the purpose of Liability. For example, if the policyholder had Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability limits of 15/30/10 and the insured had an at-fault accident in another state where the minimum required limits were 50/100/25; our policy would provide liability coverage up to the 50/100/25 limits of the state where the accident occurred. All other non-liability coverages will maintain the same limits as shown on the policyholder’s declarations page.

Timberlee Tamraz Grove
Pewaukee, WI
Thursday, July 30, 2009
Good article covering the basics for street machines. What about dirt bike insurance? In either case, you have left out the issue of the many at fault states that limit all motorcycles to no fault claims of $10,000. This does not go far in a catastrophic accident. It is hard to find out in what states an out of state/country rider will require extra insurance for, something you should know before you cross the country on a bike.

Niagara Falls, Canada
Thursday, July 23, 2009
A well written "must read" nuts and bolts article about insurance for you and your bike. Unfortunately most people learn this stuff after the fact which can be an extraordinarily expensive lesson! Care to guess how I know?

White Eagle
Monday, July 20, 2009