I love this tow for the simplicity, but I'd be concerned on the wear placed on the back tire. Regardless I want one!

Scotch Plains, NJ
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Love this idea! I'm so disappointed I didn't know about this when I bought a trailer about three months ago. I'm still going to look into it though. In the meantime, anybody want to buy a trailer?

Cheyenne, WY
Monday, June 29, 2009
This is a great invention. Do you know if two bikes can be towed at once. I would think so if you had two systems attached to the frame side by side. Thanks for all the great info.

Libby Oliver
Charlotte, NC
Monday, June 29, 2009
Editor Response
I doubt two bikes can be towed at once, but check with the company to be sure on that.
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Interesting idea. I think I'd still prefer a traditional trailer for longer trips, but this would be a great thing to keep in the bed of the truck or back of the SUV. I know our local HOG group has an "emergency tow" list of members who have trailers and have offered to be on call when riders need help, and something like this would be perfect for that kind of situation.

Raleigh, NC
Wednesday, June 24, 2009