Thank you for leaving a comment. It's important to know that Med Pay covers reasonable medical expenses if an accident were to occur, regardless of fault. Coverage amounts vary by state and insurance carrier so it's important to evaluate your insurance needs prior to purchasing your policy. We will be discussing Med Pay and how it relates to health insurance in our next article.

Timberlee Tamraz Grove
Pewaukee, WI
Friday, July 10, 2009
Lots of good information here! While I was "shopping" for insurance I noticed a great disparity between rates. Then I began to ask the right questions. How much coverage do you really get for your dollar?

For the best medical coverage, you want to be sure to ask if your insurance has "med pay." Med pay, as I understand it, is what covers you for all medical expenses if the accident was your fault, even if a deer enters a roadway and causes the accident, you are still at fault. Some insurance companies do not offer med pay.

Best bet is to shop around and write down info or have them give you a written quote so you can see the differences and ask the questions. Thanks for the info.

Elaine Schaffran
Canton, OH
Friday, June 26, 2009