What a PLEASURE it was to meet you at the Keystone conference. I was so stoked when I walked through the parking lot that first day and saw your distinctive custom painted Street Glide there!

I was one of those who got a signed picture at your booth and got to chat with you for a few minutes. Thanks for all you do for women in motorcycling and thank even more for the shout out you gave to the Sisters of Scota WMC. We are all very proud to be part of the Sisterhood. Wings Up.

Reno, NV
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Yep, I move around a lot...but, I have a regular job.I just wanted to say, thank you for your blog and the news of the conference that I regrettably, could not get time off from work to attend. It really sounds like a an event I would have enjoyed to the MAX! My news from you has been supplemented by the excited stories from my sisters Gramp and Grumbles (Sisters of Scota WMC) who rave about every aspect of the conference, especially the networking between women having similar interests, new friendships and, the riding environment!

Aeron 'Spirit Rider' Danann
Dobbins, Auburn, Truckee, Grass Valley, CAl
Wednesday, August 26, 2009