I bought the X Country for my wife at the beginning of January. On 17 Feb, she had a terrifying near fatal accident on the new bike (Only 600km's on the clock). The accident happened on a dead straight, tarred road, with a couple of rolling bumps in it. I estimate the speed to be in the range of 100 to 120 km/h, when the bike developed a catastrophic wobble of the front end (tank Slap), after the bumps in the road.

Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior from the X Country? A BMW representative investigated the incident, on a new bike, set up exactly as the wife's bike was at the time. He experienced the start of the
wobble, at a lower speed and was able to correct it. He is also at least twice the weight of my wife. He refused to try the bike at a higher speed as he got quite a fright at what happened. My thoughts are, that the bike just does not agree with that particular piece of road. Maybe it starts to resonate (flexing) at that particular speed. Has anyone heard of any such theory?

The BMW guy that tested at the crash site, failed to include in his report, that he experienced the wobble. Makes me wonder if there is not a cover up by BMW. This is hopefully a one off thing and all X country riders should be warned about what the bike could do under seemingly normal riding conditions.

I say this, because I was in front of the wife on my 2006 Dakar 650, and it had no problems.
My email is: imaclachlan@kentz.com.I will appreciate it, if any one who has experienced the same or similar handling problems, to get in contact with me.
Thanks, Best Regards, Ian Maclaclan

Ian Mac Lachlan
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Friday, April 3, 2009