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I moved from a Suzuki Bandit 650s which I had for a couple of years and did a lot of kilometers on it. I wanted to exchange this ride for something not necessarily bigger in horsepower but something a little different and better quality as far as suspension, build quality, weight. My choice was between the Honda 800VFR and BMW 800.

This was one of the many articles I read and I liked this review for its simplicity and honesty, and great to have a women's point of view.
I now have a F800s. It's definitely different from the Suzuki in its power delivery, the Suzuki being very busy down low and smooth, to the BMW feeling lazy down low to a torquey and strong in power in 3rd 4th 5th 6th gear.
I found around town 1st gear being a bit tall, and having to ride the clutch and be smooth, and determined with the throttle to get it moving along.

BMW gear indicators configuration although easy to work, left right, take some getting used to when busy with the throttle as well...kind of weird. I put a modified paddle extension from the self cancel switch to aid reach on the right thumb.

Sport position is fine with me though after a 1500km weekend trip my right wrist was very tired, but I have recently installed my 'cramp buster' and this is a great add on to elevate tired wrist.

The other thing I looked into is you can buy aftermarket handlebar height adjusters, so you can keep the sportbars and raise them 50mm higher and back towards you, if in the future you feel you want to do this.

I have not decided on a aftermarket pipe and don't know if I'll bother, but I did replace the horn with a Stebel Nutulis one which sounds like a truck horn. Perfect.

All and all, I love this BMW bike. It is comfy and well though out, nicely finished and enough to keep me interested for some time.

Erin McDermott
New Zealand
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
The 800 is a great bike. The 09 models have much better color options. I used to ride a F 650 CS and it was great bike for me, especially, as a beginning rider it balanced itself (practically). I used it for island riding, errands, to and from work. I also used it for long road trips, i.e. Death Valley, 300 mile trips.

My only complaint was the lack of wind protection. I purchased a larger windshield, that helped but my legs and back suffered. At high speeds she ran like a dream, smoothed out and I barely felt the engine. It was a wonderful bike with a great engine and no problems ever. I sold it and now I am seeking an 800ST. This bike is light, nimble and fantastic for women. I just wish it had more wind protection and a better windshield than the stock one. I will need bar risers but other than that, I can't wait.

Whidbey Islandd, WA
Monday, March 23, 2009
Editor Response
Check as they offer risers and bars for some model BMWs. Their ad is on the right side of every page on WRN.
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
The 800 may not be for beginners, but the F 650 CS is. As a newbie to riding, my F 650 is perfect. The low center of gravity make it very easy to keep balanced even at slow speeds. It's not heavy so it's easy for me to get it into and out of the garage tight spaces. It fits like a glove with the lower seat so I become part of the motorcycle rather than riding on top of one. It even comes with it's own tool kit under the seat that has an emergency tire repair kit in it.

So far she's a beauty to ride to work and back through town, as well as having all the power and then some for the open roads, especially with the tall windshield to keep the bugs from hitting me. My Silver Beamer and I are having fun.

Rhonda Housley
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Saturday, February 16, 2008
It is about time that BMW finally realized that women were into motorcycles. We have two bikes, a 2002 Suzuki 800cc (mine) and a 2004 K1200 LT BMW. I love to ride on the back of the Beemer, but I could never find one short enough in the seat for me. I know that I have been wanting a BMW. I like the ride and the speed. I don't like the noise of the Harleys. I can't wait to test ride the new BMW.

Yvonne Sorensen
Silver Springs, NV
Sunday, December 16, 2007
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