Excellent article (as are all of your articles)! What an interesting bike. I have an 07 Gold Wing that I absolutely love, but boy if I were in the market for a touring bike I'd certainly look at Victory. May go test ride one. Always enjoy your newsletter Gen. I always gain new knowledge. Keep up the good work.

Decatur, GA
Monday, February 23, 2009
Where can one buy an iPod plug. I have just an auxillary cable? Thanks in advance. Awesome article!

Rob MacKenzie
Toronto, Ontario
Sunday, July 13, 2008
Editor Response
Turns out, the iPod plug was a special accessory equipped on our test models only. Standard equipment on Vision models accept only regular MP3 player plugs.
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
My wife and I love your Web site. She asked me to write you and tell you about our experience test driving a new Polaris Victory Vision. The ergonomics of the passenger seat were designed for use only by very long legged women. My wife is 5' 1" 107 lbs. When she sat in the passenger seat, her feet dangled six inches above the passenger floor boards, which were not adjustable. And worse, the side luggage compartment covers come so far forward and stick out so much that she was unable to sit in the seat without great discomfort.

She insisted that I test drive the Victory Vision on my own. I loved it, but would never buy one because my wife always tours with me as my passenger. I am sure that I am not the only one who has a wife/passenger with an inseam of less than 30 inches. Everything else is near perfect except the passenger seat ergonomics. I am sure this will cost Victory at least 10-20 percent of potential sales since many wives like to ride with their husbands.

Bob Fiske
Providence, RI
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Editor Response
Here is the response we received from a representative from Victory regarding adjusting the floorboards for short legged riders.


These brackets allow for raising the passenger boards and would likely help in this situation.
Hey Genevieve,
I had to write and tell just how on point you were on your evaluation of the Vision. This past September I drove down to Maryland to test ride the Vision and I totally agree with you on everything. Being only 5'8" I can really relate on the inseam issue. I was so comfortable on the bike that the first ride I found myself creeping alone in traffic without feeling ineasy at all. That's something you usually feel after riding a bike for a while. I seemed to not feel that I was sitting on the bike but almost that I was sitting in the bike. It's so easy for the rider and the bike to become one. That might sound a bit poetic but that's how I felt during the test ride.

It's not so much what the bike does overly great, but what's important to me is that it doesn't do anything wrong. Victory has been hitting the ball with everyones' feeling and needs with the whole line and I feel with the Vision they've hit the ball out the park. I'll be retiring soon and I'm seriously considering the Vision as the retirement present to myself. Hope to see you guys out on the road. Ride safe, smart, and straight.

Robert Hogan
Brentwood, NY
Sunday, October 28, 2007