I started on a V Star Classic 650 in 2000, LOVED IT, then got an 1100 for a year. Just got the 1300 and I LOVE IT! Honestly, I think it is easier to handle than my 1100. It is a smooth ride, easy to handle. It is alot heavier than the 650, but if you have built up your confidence on the 650 you can handle it. I think it is a better ride than the 1100. I so agree with Kathie in Kansas (5.5.08). It is a beautiful bike and probably the last one I will have. Just need some custom paint on it. Thanks for the review.

Pagosa Springs, CO
Monday, October 20, 2008
I have a V Star Classic 650 and I love it, but I saw a 1300 and it made me think. My hubby rides a Stratoliner 1850. I'm still thinking about the 1300 but I'm really comfortable on mine.

Red Hook, NY
Friday, September 5, 2008
In May of 2007 at age 56, I purchased my first motorcycle, a 2006 Yamaha V Star 650. In November of 2007, less than six months later, I traded my 650 in for a V Star 1300. I LOVE IT! At first I was concerned about handling the larger size and weight, but I was surprised on how easily it cornered. It actually felt lighter than the 650. Now I can keep up with my husband's Venture. This is definitely a keeper.

Kathie Butler
Kansas City, MO
Monday, May 5, 2008