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Nice article and especially since I was looking for information on the Concourse and seat height.

Chris Lederman
El Dorado Hills, CA
Monday, September 26, 2011
The article was well written and it brought out some salient points about the Concours. I intend on buying one in the next coming month, and this article has helped in forming my final decision to go for it. Thanks every one.

Aminu Abubakar
Bauchi, Nigeria
Monday, September 5, 2011
I echo the comments on the need for manufacturers to make their sport models available with shorter seat heights. Besides us gals, there are guys who could benefit from a shorter sport bike. I absolutely hated it when I was shopping for a motorcycle and the salesmen all assumed because I'm 5 feet 4 inches tall I'd want a cruiser. I haven't the slightest interest in cruisers. Never have, probably never will. Sport touring bikes have always intrigued me.

I looked at the Concours a couple years ago and realized right from the get go, the seat height was a problem for me. With both feet down, I was literally on my tippy toes. Ridiculous in the real world. I did some more research and found the FJR had an interesting center of balance. It seriously doesn't feel like it's a big bike. And the bonus was it could easily be lowered. All it required was a lowering link and it was perfect. The FJR has the power to scoot when I need it and stock, has excellent long distance comfort. The FJR rides smooth as silk at low speeds (the designers were dead on with the balance on this bike), cruises the highways without having to work at it and takes on gravel roads surprisingly well. It's a superb all around bike.

I'm just now coming up on a year with my FJR and I've put 14,000 miles on it already. Looking forward to the day I when ride the wheels off this bike and it's time to retire it. I hope the manufacturers have been listening and design bikes with a wider range of seat heights.

Bonny Wagoner
Columbia City, OR
Monday, April 27, 2009
I bought a 2008 Concours in late 2007. I love this bike! I traded in my 2001 Honda CBR600 sportbike for this one. I loved the speed and cornering of my sportbike, but was wanting a bike more comfortable for longer rides, and better for long freeway riding. I was not interested in sacrificing precision handling and speed for a cruiser.

I looked at the BMWs, the FJR and the Honda sport tourers, and compared them all to the Kawi. I chose the Kawi without even test riding it. The reviews were great, it had good options, and was thousands less than a BMW.

I rode that bike off the lot and was so thrilled with the speed and power! I got used to the larger size quickly. I'm 5 dwwr 7 inches 130 pounds and I am almost flat footed on it. The acceleration is amazing and I couldn't ask for more in that department.

I love having the detachable hard bags. I can stuff my jacket in one bag and helmet into the other when I park and know it will still be there when I come back. For short trips I can take them off and cut down on the weight and make lane-splitting a little less hairy.

I added an aftermarket tall windscreen to add extra wind protection. I would really like to have some highway pegs for it, as my legs need some stretching on long rides. (Nobody makes them as far as I can tell, and the bike has no frame in the lower front. The engine is a stressed member).

I believe they should make this bike shorter. It's a bit top heavy and scary to maneuver on foot for my height. I've only dropped it once and that was at low speed when a car cut me off. The bike suffered very little damage - only scrapes to the plastic on the bag, painted heat shield and mirror housing.

Overall this bike has all the power I want, awesome handling, and it'd be a tall order to find a bike after this one that wouldn't disappoint. Note to the builders: make it shorter, and make some sort of forward peg mounting option for long rides and it'd be perfecto!

Jane L.
Wilton, CA
Saturday, February 28, 2009
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