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I've been riding for 10 years and for any women/girls who want to try it, go for it! It's like a drug once you start you can never stop!

I guess I'm not into knee pads and kidney belts; I think they restrict my movement but I know I should wear them. I've seen the damage that can happen without them but I'm a fussy rider! I've got two Leatt neck braces and I swear by them!

Confidence is the key! So even after you crash hard, always get back up and finish the race/lap. It numbs the pain, plus you know if you can ride that you're not seriously hurt.

I was riding once. I was second off the line and crashed. Got ran over by like 30 bikes. Was clean out for like 10 minutes. I managed to stagger up, get through the crowd of paramedics and jump on my bike and finished the race. Had no idea where I was, or who I was. It was just an automatic reaction to get back on my bike. Haha madness!

Good luck to everyone who's thinking about giving it a go! it'll be the best decision of your life! Let me know how you get on! Good luck.

Gillian Murie
Dunfermline, FK, United Kingdom
Monday, February 22, 2016
Editor Response
Thanks for sharing your very inspiring and encouraging advice. I really appreciate your insight into the dirtbike riding side of the two-wheeled lifestyle. I'm sure your words will encourage many to explore dirtbike riding.
Genevieve Schmitt
I've been riding in the dirt since a little girl. I would like to add a couple of items crucial to gear:

Elbow pads and hip pads: think about all the times you've fallen scraped your elbow or knees. When you fall (not if) you will hit your elbow, knee and hip almost every time.

And most importantly: neck brace or neck roll. The whiplash you can get from hitting bumps hard (or jumps!) isn't fun. You don't have to go get a full blown neck brace in the beginning, but a neck roll will keep your head from bobbing around.

Capitola, CA
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Informative... Thank you! I've been dreaming to learn and start, wasted a lot of time waiting for my expert dirt biker husband until he found another biker chick which left me with my license without experience. This is where I start.

Lathrop, CA
Sunday, April 20, 2014
Kristina, you're a good girl and wife.

Owen Cook
Thursday, April 10, 2014
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