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Rain Suit Reviews

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tour Master Woman's Rain Suit

All you'll ever need

10/23/2008, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
We’ve come a long way baby! This phase is no more apropos when talking about women’s rain suits. I remember the days when rain suits were not gender specific. They were big and bulky and made from a non-breathable vinyl material.
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Rainsuit With Attitude

Get ready for fall riding

9/21/2006, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Stand out in a sea of black rain suits with one that changes colors right before your eyes. You'll actually have fun wearing this rain suit when the skies darken and the wet stuff falls. Check out our latest offering this week.
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Lightweight Rain Suit
Women can stay dry on the road with the waterproof Water Street Jacket and Pant from Harley-Davidson. Available in extended sizes, this lightweight rain suit packs into a 9-inch package for easy storage in saddlebags.
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