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Wow! Look What Royal Enfield is Doing to Attract Women Riders!

Spotlighting female motorcyclists in the most innovative way to inspire others

9/21/2020, By Kirsten Midura, WRN Leadership Board Member
Four female influencers were asked to turn a stock Royal Enfield into a flat tracker to inspire others to build, train, and race their own motorcycles. But then COVID-19 happened. See how Royal Enfield salvaged its women's initiative and how you can watch the girls race this October.
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What it Feels Like to Push Through Your Motorcycle Comfort Zone

Saying yes to flat track racing Harley-Davidsons in Croatia!

8/10/2020, By Jess Kline, Photos by Caylee Hankins
Motojournalist Jess Kline shares her thoughts about moving outside her motorcycle comfort zone to give flat track racing a try when she was asked to join a group of male riders on a press intro in Croatia.
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Learning to Ride and Immediately Racing the Bonneville Salt Flats

New rider goes from being a passenger to a land speed racer!

With years of experience riding only as a passenger, Ashley Woodford, winner of this year’s SheMoto Award, got her motorcycle endorsement and raced straight to her own land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats!
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Two Moms To Compete in Hardest Off-Road Race in the World

Inspiring others while raising money to eradicate sexual abuse

Rachelle Croft and Rhonda Cahill are on a two-fold mission: to inspire mothers to achieve their dreams while raising children, and to inspire women to know that nothing is ever too challenging if you set your mind to it.
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Profile with Video: Land Speed Racer Valerie Thompson and Her Need for Speed

Looking to set new records!

7/30/2013, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Looking to achieve what she calls her proudest moment so far, land speed racer Valerie Thompson is aiming to join the 200 mph club at this weekend’s Bonneville Speed Week and at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville starting August 24.
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VIDEO: Woman Makes History in Motorcycle Racing

Shayna Texter first to win a GNC race

Shayna Texter, a 20-year-old flat track racer, made history late November when she became the first female in AMA Grand National history to win a GNC Pro Singles main event. Shayna’s win marks the first time a woman has won a main event in the more than 50-year existence of the sport, considered the oldest and most traditional form of motorcycle racing.
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Racer Profile: 10 Minutes with Flat Tracker Nichole Cheza

Aiming to be the first female Grand National Champion

2/7/2012, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Nichole Cheza is one of two women racing in a sport dominated by men. Nichole, at 24 years old, is a professional flat track racer competing in the AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship (GNC) series.
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Salt Sisters: Women Who Love Speed!

Female riders compete at Bonneville land-speed trials

A record number of women competed at the world-renowned land-speed trials at the Bonneville Speedway the last week in August. Twenty-one women raced their motorcycles down the Bonneville Salt Flats, the wide-open salt bed near the Utah and Nevada border, to attempt to set new speed records in the classes they’d entered.
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Top Female Racers Share Rare Insights

Four leading women gather for panel discussion

1/17/2011, By Genevieve Schmitt
Four of the top female motorcycle racers, each making history and breaking records on their own, gathered for a panel discussion at the Long Beach, California, stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in December.
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Laura Klock and Her Two Racing Daughters

Why this family has a need for speed

1/2/2009, By Steve Bohn
Would you let your 16-year-old daughter race a motorcycle going faster than 100 mph? Well, Laura Klock, a 40-year-old mother of two girls raised a few eyebrows in 2007 when she allowed her daughter Erika (16 at the time) to compete for a land speed record at the Speed Trials by BUB, held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah's northwest corner.
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