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Purpose-built Tents for Motorcycle Camping

Solo and two-person tents that covers motorcycle too!


For those who have perfected the art of adventuring on their motorcycle alone, Redverz Gear introduces The Solo Expedition Motorcycle Tent. The original Redverz design has shed a few pounds and inches resulting in a smaller version of the biggest idea in motorcycle camping.

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping
With room to sleep just one, The Solo Expedition Tent appeals specifically to the lone traveler.

Designed to accommodate a single camper, The Solo is more compact while remaining notoriously spacious. The legendary Redverz garage remains unchanged, featuring area-wide headroom, a height tall enough to stand in, and room to house a fully loaded adventure bike.

Alternatively, the company’s Atacama Expedition Tent sleeps up to three. Both designs afford riders the luxury of a garage to park the bike, make repairs, or wait out a storm.

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping atacama
The Redverz Atacama Expedition Tent is the original design that sleeps up to three.

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping atacama visual
With 23 inches of additional sleeping room, 3-person capacity, room for cots, and the ability to sleep either cross-wise or lengthwise, The Atacama Expedition Tent is one of the most versatile and comfortable motorcycle tents out there.

Solo travel is uncomplicated and intensely rewarding. The same can be said for The Solo Expedition Tent. Two-pole construction makes for fast and easy set up and one less pole lightens the load. Double-wall construction and a bathtub floor in the Solo sleeping bay affords maximum nighttime comfort and protection in a smaller foot print, 90 inches x 41 inches to be exact.   

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping solo expedition
At just 12 feet 3 inches in length overall, the entire Solo Expedition Tent fits more easily into smaller predetermined camp spaces and the lighter pack weight makes The Solo ideal when every ounce counts.

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping solo expedition green
The flexible hoop design is rated for three seasons and offers top-notch performance in wind and rain.

Both entry doors pair a privacy panel with mosquito mesh to allow for complete closure or ventilation with bug protection.

purpose built tents for motorcycle camping redverz
Average packed weight of The Solo Expedition Tent is 12 pounds. Motorcycle bay measures 102 inches x 36 inches.

Price for The Solo Expedition Tent is $449. The Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent is $499. For more information, visit

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