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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them


Stories on women motorcycling pioneers including the Van Buren sisters, Vivian Bales, Della Crewe, Hazel Kolb, and more!

Motorcycle Industry Leader Maggie McNally Joins Women Riders Now as Director of Rider Outreach

Former AMA Board of Directors Chairwoman will spearhead WRN subscriber benefits initiatives

Maggie McNally, first-ever female AMA Board of Directors Chairwoman joins the Women Riders Now team as Director of Rider Outreach. In this role, McNally will create programs to add value to WRN newsletter subscribers, grow web and social audiences and membership, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with female riding groups, motorcycle associations, manufacturers, and the industry.
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Iron Butt Rally Champion Wendy Crockett Receives 2020 Bessie Stringfield Award

Longtime endurance motorcyclist humbled by prestigious honor

5/13/2020, By Janis Perfetto, Contributor
The prestigious award memorializing AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Bessie Stringfield's accomplishments goes to endurance rider Wendy Crockett for 2020.
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Gloria Struck to be Inducted into AMA Hall of Fame

Pioneering motorcyclist still riding and inspiring others at age 91!

Motorcycling enthusiast and pioneer Gloria Struck will be among the honorees that the American Motorcyclist Association welcomes to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame this October.
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WRN Founder Genevieve Schmitt Now a Two-Time Motorcycle Hall of Famer

Joins esteemed group of just eight women in history

On October 6 2017, Genevieve Schmitt, founder of Women Riders Now, became a two-time motorcycle Hall of Famer after being inducted into the Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
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Book Preview: Grace and Grit

Motorcycle dispatches from early 20th century women adventurers

7/18/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
One of the books I've added to my collection because it features early female motorcycling pioneers is "Grace and Grit" by William M. Murphy.
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Van Buren Sisters' 1916 Cross-Country Motorcycle Ride for Women's Rights

Augusta and Adeline's historic journey, inspiring women riders for 100 years

By Panhead Jim
In the summer of 1916, the U.S. was on the brink of entering World War I (WWI) as two sisters left New York on a cross country motorcycle trip.
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Two Women Riders Retrace History on Cross Country Trip

The Inspired Tour commemorates 100th anniversary of Hotchkiss Ride

Two women riders will hit the road on June 5 traveling from more than 3600 miles from New York to San Francisco retracing the historical route ridden by pioneering motorcyclists Effie and Avis Hotchkiss 100 years ago. Lisa Brouwer and Kris Haase are embarking on The Inspired Tour.
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PIONEERS: The First Woman to Get a Motorcycle License

Why did it take so long?

By Panhead Jim
In the year 1900, Anne French became the first woman to be issued a license to drive an automobile in Washington D.C. Oddly enough, Washington D.C.'s progressive stance on women driving cars did not include motorcycles. It took another 37 years before the first woman was issued a motorcycle license.
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PIONEERS: Female Dispatch Riders of World War II

Discovering the wartime history of The Wrens

By Panhead Jim
As Americans, when we think of the role of women in World War II (WWII), we often envision factories filled with women wearing headscarves, riveting together airplanes. That may have happened in the United States, but across the Atlantic in Great Britain, things were definitely more dangerous for the women that helped with the war effort.
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PIONEERS: Honeymooning by Motorcycle in 1934!

A journey that spanned two years and two continents

3/10/2014, By Panhead Jim
After their marriage in 1934, Stanislaw and Halina Bujakowski decided that for their honeymoon, they would fulfill a lifelong dream and travel by motorcycle from their home in Druskininkai, Poland to Shanghai, China. They already owned a BSA motorcycle which was equipped with a sidecar, so all they needed to do was to pack and go.
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