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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Motorcycle Training Info

Over And Out Moto Women’s Off-Road Riding and Camping Event

Learn to ride dirt bikes in a low commitment, safe, supportive environment

4/6/2021, By Maggie McNally, WRN Director of Rider Outreach
Over And Out (OAO) events include 3 days of off-road riding, camping, and lots of fun bonding with women riders in a private setting. OAO is for women who ride, or who want to learn to ride dirt bikes, enduro, motocross, dual sport, and more. Read about how Maggie McNally became a better dirt rider while making memories with new riding buddies at OAO 2020.
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Triumph Offers Free Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Online Training to New and Returning Riders

Learn about motorcycles, gear, and rider safety for free from home

To share the passion about motorcycles and teach new riders to learn how to ride safely, Triumph has partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to make the MSF Basic eCourse available free of charge to prospective new riders or former riders interested in riding again.
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Reader Story: RawHyde Adventures Training with Dad by My Side

Finding focus and excitement with my BMW G 310 R during the pandemic

10/30/2020, By Madison Traviss, Des Moines, Iowa
WRN reader Madison Traviss bought a BMW G 310 R recently, but with the pandemic there were no events to ride to. So she got creative and enrolled in a course to learn to ride off-road—with her motorcycling dad by her side.
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New Adventure Rider Finds Her Rebellious Side at the ADVWoman Rally

Learning lessons in the dirt with Pat Jacques

9/17/2020, By Kris Fant, Photos by
“The rear wheel spins and digs for traction. I stand on the pegs while the bike slides left and right under me as I accelerate.” While some of us would find these scenarios horrifying, Kris Fant shares why she loves and why you might too.
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Harley-Davidson's Private and Small Group New Rider Training

Get behind the handlebars and learn to ride a motorcycle with low pressure

With so many motorcycle training sites shut down or classes postponed due to COVID-19 fears, Harley-Davidson is rolling out two new programs that aims to train new riders safely and successfully. Select Harley-Davidson dealers are offering small group training and personal one-on-one coaching that makes learning to ride more personalized.
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Reader Story: Dad is My Biggest Advocate

This 14-year-old girl dreamed of racing a motorcycle—and her Dad made it come true!

6/10/2020, By Jasmine “The Panda” Nichols, Loomis, California
Jasmine Nichols, now 14, started riding and racing motorcycles at age 11. She couldn’t have done it without the love and support from her parents—particularly her father.
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New Mentorship Program Launches to Help Women Experience the Open Road

Can-Am's exciting initiative aims to grow the number of female motorcyclists

5/28/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program is inspiring more women to get out onto the open road. Learn how to get involved and have direct access to mentors to plan rides, ask questions, and learn more about riding.
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Beginner's Guide: Scenarios & Suggestions for Buying Your First Motorcycle

Finding the best bike for you

Choosing your first motorcycle is a big deal, and the plethora of options—while ultimately a good thing—doesn't make it easier if you don't know the difference between a sporty street bike and a heavyweight cruiser. To help you out, we've provided some scenarios you may find yourself in when choosing your first motorcycle.
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Advanced Rider Training Classes

Fine tuning your skills

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers advanced rider training called the Experienced RiderCourse. This class can be taken with your own motorcycle and with your own DOT-approved helmet. The class teaches advanced riding skills to those who feel comfortable on the road and comfortable with their motorcycle.
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The Value of a Riding Mentor

Plus clubs, and recommended books on motorcycling

Having a patient and compassionate experienced rider by your side during the early stages of your motorcycle riding life is invaluable. Many mistakes can be avoided by having someone, a mentor, nearby to help advise you otherwise. A riding mentor can steer you to the right way of doing something the first time and moving through the learning process that much faster.
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