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That's One Way to Find a Riding Buddy!

Teach your husband to ride his own motorcycle

2/9/2021, By Annie Tasker, Columbus, Ohio
Annie Tasker learned to ride, bought her first bike, and started having the time of her life, riding everywhere on her Honda and making new riding friends. When her husband saw how much fun she was having he wanted in on it, so she taught him on her bike. Read on to see what she did so he'd get his own bike.
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Motorcycling: The Best Therapy for Life’s Unexpected Twists and Turns

Cancer and divorce didn’t stop this rider from touring the country solo to rediscover what she lost

1/11/2021, By Kathleen Terner, West Linn, Oregon
Motorcyclists will tell you riding a motorcycle is the best therapy when unexpected detours derail their lives. Rider Kathleen Terner proved this when she took eight weeks off last summer during the pandemic to ride coast to coast alone. Be inspired by her journey where she found what she’d lost.
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Making it Happen! Starting a Motorcycle Group to Ride With More Women

Finding a community of female riders by starting a Litas branch

11/13/2020, By Kimba Reams, Spartanburg, South Carolina
She said no way to joining a motorcycle club, that is, until she rode with The Litas. Find out how WRN reader Kimba Reams was inspired to start a branch of Litas near her hometown and why she loves the mission so much.
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Breath of Life: Coming Back to Motorcycles After Time Off

A 6-year hiatus from motorcycling was enough for this mom

10/15/2020, By Nicole Bonza, San Diego, California
When Nicole Bonza had to give up her beloved motorcycle after experiencing mechanical failure and having a brand new baby, she went into a “hibernation” of sorts. After six years of not riding, the 44-year-old mother of two bought a new Honda CBR650R. Able the “breath again,” she feels her life coming back.
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Reader Story: RawHyde Adventures Training with Dad by My Side

Finding focus and excitement with my BMW G 310 R during the pandemic

10/30/2020, By Madison Traviss, Des Moines, Iowa
WRN reader Madison Traviss bought a BMW G 310 R recently, but with the pandemic there were no events to ride to. So she got creative and enrolled in a course to learn to ride off-road—with her motorcycling dad by her side.
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New Adventure Rider Finds Her Rebellious Side at the ADVWoman Rally

Learning lessons in the dirt with Pat Jacques

9/17/2020, By Kris Fant, Photos by
“The rear wheel spins and digs for traction. I stand on the pegs while the bike slides left and right under me as I accelerate.” While some of us would find these scenarios horrifying, Kris Fant shares why she loves and why you might too.
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What it Feels Like to Push Through Your Motorcycle Comfort Zone

Saying yes to flat track racing Harley-Davidsons in Croatia!

8/10/2020, By Jess Kline, Photos by Caylee Hankins
Motojournalist Jess Kline shares her thoughts about moving outside her motorcycle comfort zone to give flat track racing a try when she was asked to join a group of male riders on a press intro in Croatia.
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Reader Story: Dad is My Biggest Advocate

This 14-year-old girl dreamed of racing a motorcycle—and her Dad made it come true!

6/10/2020, By Jasmine “The Panda” Nichols, Loomis, California
Jasmine Nichols, now 14, started riding and racing motorcycles at age 11. She couldn’t have done it without the love and support from her parents—particularly her father.
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Don't Wait to Live the Motorcycle Dream!

One woman's story of how she made it happen

4/3/2020, By Esther Holmes, Boulder City, Nevada
At 53, Esther Holmes discovered motorcycling. With her husband and friends riding by her side, she says it's all been a dream. Find out how you can make your motorcycling dreams come true just like Esther.
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Delivering Yamaha Dual-Sport Bikes to Save the Planet

Rally for Rangers: Ride motorcycles in a foreign country and help save wildlife

3/6/2020, By Candace Hateley, Photos by Phil Bond
Candace Hateley recently returned from Mongolia where she participated in Rally for Rangers, a program working to save the planet one bike at a time by donating new motorcycles to park rangers who need them to protect wildlife, culture, and landscapes. Read about her experience, watch a video about the project, and find out how you can be a part of this exciting program.
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