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Our Favorite Autumn Accessories

Top picks from real women, really riding in real weather

By Brittany Morrow

our favorite autumn accessories tricia szulewski

Safety First!

Judge: Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor of Women Riders Now, is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach and knows from first-hand experience the importance of safety first.

Fighting the cold is only half the battle. Good safety apparel can do double-duty to keep you comfortable and protected in any season. Here are a few ways to get the most protection from all the elements (yes, even asphalt) during fall riding.

our favorite autumn accessories bonnie chiurazzi


“My favorite autumn motorcycle accessory is my one-piece Dainese leathers because autumn is the start of racing season at Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association and I can't wait to gear up and hit the track. I get to race with the lovely ladies of Femmewalla. They are an amazing group of women ranging from high school students to professionals who come from all over the country to pursue their passion. Starting up the new race season in my leathers is the best part of fall.” - Bonnie Chiurazzi, California

“My favorite fall accessory is my leather jacket. It has lots of vents in case it warms up. It looks good, feels good, and makes me smile when the weather is right for wearing it.” - Chris Foster, Arkansas

our favorite autumn accessories macKenzie easley 1


“Yes, riding in autumn can be super cold. What makes the cold bearable for me are my amazing chaps. I am in love with how warm they are and they truly block so much wind. You can put them on as easy as you can take them off. Once you learn how to pack them you will never want to leave the house without them. Side note: My significant other has a hard time taking his hands off me when I wear them out (which is always a plus!).” - Mackenzie Easley, Kansas City, Missouri

“We all have heard the saying, ‘Get your knees in the breeze.’ That is all well and good in the summer, but when fall comes creeping in and the temperatures start to dip, that term should be changed to ‘knees in the freeze.’ There is nothing better than a good pair of chaps to keep those knees from feeling the cold. Living in the Midwest, my chaps keep me on two wheels until the salt trucks hit the road.” - Noelle Viola, Shorewood, Illinois

our favorite autumn accessories alice mccardell


“My Pinlock faceshield has made cold morning rides into work safer and more enjoyable. There is no more fogging when it's cold outside–even down to 26 degrees!” - Alice McCardell


“My Milwaukee boots keep my feet warm and dry at all times. I've been known to wear them with just about anything, even in summertime! They are comfortable and very safe for the road.” - Lisa Schutt, Port Huron, Michigan

“My Harley-Davidson Kirkley waterproof boot is a higher-heeled boot for us shorter peeps who need extra height. They are leather with a waterproof coating. Even the sole is made differently, with almost a 'tire' feel to them. The fit is very true-to-size and the heel height is awesome.” - M. Nelson, North Illinois

our favorite autumn accessories diane divet

“My boots are my favorite. As long as my feet are warm I can ride with the best of them. I do the layers and all but if my feet get cold, I'm done. So finding the right boots is a must for me. My Harley boots are comfortable and provide what I need on a cold night.” - Diane Divet, Pennsylvania

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