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Olympia Moto Sports Reviews

Affordable Technical 4-Season Motorcycle Riding Suit

Olympia Expedition textile riding jacket and pants are the only ones you'll ever need

2/15/2017, By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor
Olympia Motosports Expedition jacket and pants are three outfits in one. A true four-season textile suit, this gear proves outstanding on hot, cold, rainy, and perfect riding days.
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Gear Guide for Big Girls: Textile Jackets and Pants

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

3/22/2011, By Alisa Clickenger
Textile motorcycle riding gear was once worn only by adventure-touring and off-road riders. Now these abrasion-resistant fabric jackets and pants are nearly as popular as leather gear among the mainstream street-riding population. Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen major advances in fabric versatility, as well as in style and sizing. You asked, and designers listened.
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Olympia Moto Sports Airglide Pants and Jacket

Sun, heat, rain, wind—anything but snow!

4/19/2010, Story and photos by Carla King
I am riding along the spine of the Middle Atlas mountains when the electrical storm hits. Hail pelts my helmet and bolts of lightening streak horizontally across the snow-dusted road ahead of me. There’s no shelter where I can pull over to bundle up under my gear, but thankfully I’d zipped the waterproof liner in before I’d headed uphill.
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