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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Low Seat Height Motorcycles

Review: 2019 Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Limited and 2020 Updates

The big, beautiful, powerful bagger women love to tour and cruise on

10/24/2019, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor, Photos by Mary O'Hare
WRN Editor Tricia Szulewski spent nine months getting the know the 2019 Indian Chieftain Limited. If you're looking to upgrade to a larger motorcycle that's just as good for long tours as it is for every day, you'll want to take this beauty for a test ride.
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Three-Wheeler Review: Can-Am Ryker

A perfect first “motorcycle” for new riders—automatic transmission and only a footbrake!

10/9/2018, By Brittany Morrow, Contributor, Photos by Kevin Wing
This new entry level three-wheeled motorcycle from Can-Am is designed to get new riders on the streets quickly and easily.
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Beginner's Guide: Motorcycles to Get Started On

WRN's guide to best beginner bikes for new women riders

If you're thinking of riding a motorcycle, here's our list of motorcycles most commonly ridden by new women riders.
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The Lowest of the Low Motorcycles

The lowest seat heights on the market

We thought it would be fun to compile a list of major-manufacturer motorcycles with the lowest seat heights. Seat height is of supreme importance to most women riders, as the ability to place one's feet flat on the ground is perhaps the most important factor in giving women the confidence they need to handle a bike.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: The Versatile and Likable 2013 Victory Judge

For riders who want a powerful V-twin cruiser in a manageable size

4/9/2013, By Tricia Szulewski
Large-displacement cruisers usually mean large everything else, too. But for women and smaller-framed men who want a big V-twin that handles well and is in proportion to their not-gargantuan bodies—without sacrificing power—there aren’t many options in today’s motorcycle market. That's why when we find one, we make sure you know about it.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2012/2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

The new lowest of the low

10/2/2012, By Michelle Baird, Photos by Andrea Wilson
The Softail Slim, released as a midyear 2012 model, is an all-new bobber-style motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. It's based on the Fat Boy platform, with a similar front end and an extremely low profile. The Slim now shares the title as Harley's lowest motorcycle with the newly released CVO Breakout, both with a seat height of 23.8 inches.
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Options for Lowering a Motorcycle's Seat Height

How to get your feet flat on the ground

7/18/2008, By Pamela Collins
The search for a perfect-fitting motorcycle often feels like a Goldilocks-type hunt as a rider seeks a bike that feels "just right." Seat height often emerges as a point of consideration and contention. Sitting flat foot on a motorcycle gives a rider many advantages, not the least being sure-footed confidence when coming to a stop, especially on hills, gravel roads or other unsettling situations.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2012 Harley-Davidson FLD Dyna Switchback, with Video

An economical touring motorcycle

11/29/2011, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor; Photos by Tricia Szulewski
Once in a while, a motorcycle is introduced that I believe has “woman rider” written all over it. The 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback is one of those motorcycles. Why do I think this? Because it is a purpose-built touring motorcycle designed for riders who can’t or don’t want to handle the large touring motorcycles—and that description fits the majority of women riders.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2011/2012 Harley-Davidson Blackline

The lowest Harley

11/15/2011, By Pamela Collins
It makes a great trivia question: What Harley-Davidson has the lowest seat height? Well, up until 2010, it was the Fat Boy Lo, at 24.3 inches. But in 2011, Harley unveiled a mid-year release model—meaning it came out a few months after the other 2011 models were announced—and this motorcycle now lays claim to having the lowest seat height of any Harley-Davidson.
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READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883

A customizable bike for a first-time owner

9/26/2011, By Rebecca A. Cruz, Lansing, Michigan
This is my first motorcycle ever—and I love it! I can’t imagine getting a better one (for now). It’s a 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. What I love most about this bike is that it fits my 5-foot-3 height perfectly. I did have to change out the stock seat to a narrower one, but it works for me.
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