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Lighting / Mirrors Reviews

inView Wireless Helmet Brake and Turn Signal System

Alert distracted drivers and stay safe while riding your motorcycle

10/15/2020, By Kathy Spencer, Bristol, Connecticut
Voted “Women’s Favorite Safety Item” at last year’s AIMExpo, the inView wireless helmet brake and turn signal system makes riders more visible by adding bright, attention-grabbing lighting up high where it’s easy for other motorists to see.
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See and Be Seen with Powerful Auxiliary Lighting

New lights now available for radial mounted brakes

Now motorcycles with radial mounted brake calipers like the Kawasaki Concours 14 can take advantage of the extra lighting that Motolight auxiliary lighting adds to one's ride. Motolight recently introduced a version of its auxiliary lights that fits bikes where the brake caliper mount bolts are on the backside of the downtube instead of the side.
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New Taillight/Brake Light Increases Visibility

Motolights now made for the back of the bike

Motolight, the popular auxiliary riding lights that let other motorists see you better day or night, are now available for the rear of a motorcycle so others know when you're slowing down. The new taillight/brake light combination increases the ability of motorists to see riders from the rear, making riders safer on the road.
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Riding Lights As Bright as What Police Have

Being safe by being seen

We can finally keep up with the cops! Not with speed, but with safety and visibility. Motolight has been providing auxiliary riding lights to law enforcement agencies for years and has been expanding its line of halogen riding lights to adapt to almost any make and model.
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Don't Have a Boring Bike

Ways to stand out in a crowd

You haven't seen accessories like this before! Take a look at these custom floorboards, mirrors leather toolbag/forkbag that will have you to standing out in a crowd.
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Customized Gadgets for Motorcycles

Making life easier on the road

Many of us struggle with strapping gadgets on our bikes because they can detract from the look of our ride and may not hold up well in riding conditions, yet we still want the opportunity to bring along modern conveniences that can improve our safety and riding experience. Many manufacturers are taking available technology and customizing it for motorcycles. Now you can take it with you.
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Big Bike Parts & Accessories for Your Motorcycle

See and be seen!

10/4/2006, By Teri Conrad, New Products Editor
Big Bike Parts has been busy creating new products, and recently announced the addition of three exciting new items to help create a personal touch for your motorcycle. Check out how this week’s selections help keep you visible!
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Fun Stuff For Your Harley
New billet-style Tailfin Custom Mirrors from Harley-Davidson features a finned mirror back and the custom raised-rib stem that combine to bring the Art Deco "streamliner" look into the 21st century. And two new Custom Painted Horn Covers from Harley-Davidson feature a hand-painted details layered over a vivid black base.
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