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Joan Krenning Reaches 30,000 Miles!

24 states in 8 1/2 months


Joan Krenning, the founder and CEO of DesignWraps Brand, has just hit 30,000 miles on her 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Glide appropriately named "The Freedom Glide." She has visited approximately 88 Harley-Davidson dealers and has ridden through 24 states since taking off on her 3-year motorcycle journey riding in support of American-made products.

Joan Krenning Reaches 30000 Miles
The odometer on Joan Krenning's Street Glide shows 30,000 miles traveled just 8 1/2 months into her 3-year cross country journey.

"Eight and half months, 30,000 miles!" was Joan's comment on Facebook when posting this photo of her odometer. "I have met thousands of Americans. This country is a great country."

Joan Krenning Reaches 30000 Miles Street Glide
Joan Krenning posing for yet another photo on her journey, this one in northern California as she's getting ready to ride Highway 299.

Joan continues to meet riders from all walks of life supporting her 36-month motorcycle freedom tour of America. While promoting sales for her company, DesignWraps Brands, Joan also promotes the purchase of all American made products and companies. Joan's ride across America, called the "Glory US-A Freedom Ride," will also raise funds for charity, two of which are the "Grace Under Fire" whose vision helps female veterans help themselves, and Laura Klock's "Helping with Horsepower," whose vision helps design volunteer programs that empower, encourage, and raise funds for worthy charities.
Joan will be visiting dealers in California during the month of November. She'll be in Southern California the early part of the month and then move on to Sacramento. She'll end up in the Bay Area and then on to Arizona. Watch for her to come your way.
Joan goes by the road name "Lady Road Dog." Follow her Glory US-A Freedom Ride at the following links:

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