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Headwear Reviews

Hightail Bike Hair Protector Eliminates Tangles and Wind Damage

Women and men with long hair will love this new product that installs on motorcycle helmets

9/22/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor, Photos by Kaia and Tricia Szulewski
If you have long hair and ride a motorcycle you already know about impossible knots and damaged hair you can get from letting your hair fly in the wind. Women looking for ideas on how to solve the issue of protecting their hair from tangles and wind damage will love this new product made by a woman for women.
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Review: Stylish Headwraps that Stay on Your Head

Comfortable, practical durags from DareDevil Durags

8/26/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
We love to give a shout out to the companies that advertise their products on WRN, and at the time of this posting, DareDevil Durags is the latest headwrap company to showcase their stylish, practical, and super comfortable elastic band "durags" for women and men on our website. The owners were kind enough to send me a few to wear and test.
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Tribal Design Headwear is All the Rage

Look cool and be comfortable

Whether or not you wear a helmet, it's nice to keep stray hairs secure so you don't end up with a rat's nest on your head after your motorcycle ride. There are a lot of headwraps to choose from, but at Women Riders Now (WRN), we love the quality and comfort of the headwraps, bands and beanies from DesignWraps.
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Gift Guide: Deals and Sales Exclusively for WRN Readers

Discounts from WRN advertisers just for you!

Women Riders Now (WRN) is kicking off the Winter season with our quarterly gift guide of exclusive deals on motorcycle-inspired products just for WRN readers. You won't find these anywhere else, so if you're reading this page, you can take advantage of these deals. Just follow the instructions for each item when ordering. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for loved ones, thanks for shopping here!
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Exclusive Holiday Deals for WRN Readers

WRN's Annual Advertiser Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again—holiday shopping season! At WRN, our advertisers truly value women motorcycle riders. That's why many of them are offering you exclusive deals for the holidays. Check out these great products and start shopping.
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PRODUCT REVIEW: The Wrapter Ponytail Protector

So simple yet so effective

11/12/2011, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I’ve tried many products over the years to protect my long hair from knotting up while riding my motorcycle. All summer, I wore and tested the Wrapter, a skinny tube of stretchy rayon/spandex-blend fabric that rolls up over your ponytail.
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New Pink Label Gear from Harley-Davidson

Line raises money for breast cancer support

Harley-Davidson is adding new items to its popular Pink Label Collection, one of the most successful collections in the company’s MotorClothes line. A portion of proceeds from the sale of every Pink Label item helps fund the YourShoes 24/7 Support Center, an organization that supports patients and families affected by breast cancer.
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Diva-Do Helmet Liner Banishes Helmet Hair

A helmet liner that does what it promises

3/14/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I’ve tried many helmet liners and hair wraps over the years, all designed to conquer the dreaded helmet hair—hair that comes out of a helmet all jagged and spiky going this way and that. Most women riders and passengers throw on a baseball cap (yours truly included) as their way of going through the day with the unkempt hairstyle. Haven’t you noticed I’m usually wearing a cap in all my photos?
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Fun Pink to Wear

Great way to show your support

VaVaVroom is featuring a pink "Chopper Chic" Collection boutique style T-shirt in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a limited edition chopper inspired tee with a feminine touch. And Hot Leathers is featuring a pink ribbon head wrap in a stylish design that expresses your support for breast cancer awareness.
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New Harley Apparel Line Supports Breast Cancer Cause

Pink Label Collection debuts

It's an unwritten rule in motorcycling culture to stop for a distressed rider. Of course, rider ethics go well beyond the open road as motorcyclists often stop on the journey of life to help those in need – rider and non-rider alike. In the spirit of that support, Harley-Davidson is introducing a new clothing line designed to aid those touched by breast cancer.
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