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Handlebars / Levers / Grips Reviews

Do It Yourself Tech: Change Your Motorcycle’s Handlebars for an Easy Reach

Part 1: Harley-Davidson Street 750 ergonomic upgrades to help a short woman ride better

1/1/2021, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
The first thing to do when buying any motorcycle is make necessary ergonomic adjustments to the handlebars, levers, footpegs and foot controls, seat, and suspension so you can easily reach the grips with a relaxed bend in your elbows with feet and hands comfortably able to use all the controls. We show how we changed a Harley-Davidson Street 750 to better fit a short woman rider.
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American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) Roundup and Product Spotlight

Motorcycle industry trade show now in its fifth year

10/26/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Check out what the WRN team found at this year's big motorcycle industry trade show.
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Never Fumble for Harley-Davidson Horn Button Again

Neat gadget helps you blast the horn when you need it

The LifeSaverHorn is a simple affordable gadget that assures Harley-Davidson riders will hit the horn when they need it most.
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5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Indian Motorcycle

Bolt-ons that make you more comfortable on the bike

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor at Large
With comfort comes confidence. Here's our list of important accessories to make your Indian bike fit you.
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Video Review: How To Ride Your Motorcycle Without Using the Clutch Lever

Solve those annoying clutch / throttle handling issues for good! Free shipping for WRN readers too!

By Genevieve Schmitt
Feathering the clutch while rolling on the throttle is one of the most challenging aspects of learning to ride for women. Here's a product that eliminates the need to use the clutch altogether.
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VIDEO: Ride Your Harley-Davidson or Adventure Motorcycle Without the Clutch

New product lets you shift without pulling in the lever

11/3/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Can this really be true? Can you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or an adventure bike like a BMW, without using the clutch lever when shifting gears? Yes you can with a product from Rekluse Clutches. With the EXP Performance Auto-Clutch installed in your motorcycle, your clutch hand is free to just hold the left handgrip so you can focus on the ride.
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Vintage White Hand Grips, Footpegs, and Brake Pedal Pads for Harley-Davidsons

Add a nostalgic touch to your motorcycle

Inspired by Harley-Davidson motorcycles of the 1940s, the new Vintage White Hand Grips from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories will complement classic styling or can add a traditional touch to a custom motorcycle.
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Video Review: Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Small and Big Hands

Dial in the right reach on your motorcycle

Adjustable brake and clutch levers are standard fare on most sport touring motorcycles, sportbikes, and some metric cruisers. But on Harley-Davidson models as well as the new Indian motorcycles, the levers from the factory are not adjustable, so riders with smaller hands struggle to reach the levers.
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WRN Discount! Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Harley-Davidsons

Adjustability for small or large hands

In 2012 we introduced you to Hog Leverage, an aftermarket company that makes adjustable clutch and brake levers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Now the company is offering pink adjuster knobs for 2009 and later Harley-Davidson touring models—and WRN readers can receive 15 percent off!
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Women Riders Now Giveaway: Win a Free Set of HeliBars!

Win these sportbike or sport tourer bars priced up to $299

Attention, sportbike riders and sport tourers looking to boost performance on the street and track. The replacement handlebars from HeliBars add comfort, race-ready looks, and razor-sharp handling to sportbikes—and a pair can be yours for free with the latest Women Riders Now (WRN) giveaway.
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