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Gearing Up With GearChic

Women's motorcycling gear expert Joann Donn answers your questions about sizing, availability, protective features and more. Read the stories learn more, plus how to contact Joanne for personalized recommendations.

Where Can I Find Motorcycle Riding Gear for Women?

WRN reader needs feedback on where she can go to try on women's riding apparel before buying.

I have been seriously researching women's riding gear for the past week, reading blogs, looking at company websites, visiting our local Yamaha and Harley-Davidson dealers. Like most women, I need to try something on before investing. Where on earth does a woman go to find a selection of gear?
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Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Riding Jeans, Pants, and Chaps

GearChic Joanne Donn offers insight

What are the pros and cons of riding jeans versus chaps? Thanks, a WRN Facebook Fan. Joanne's response: I think it’s important to address riding pants as well in this question because they each have different features that are important to address.
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Why So Much Pink Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear?

GearChic Joanne Donn answers why

"Dear Joanne, Why does 99 percent of women's motorcycle riding gear only come in pink?" This is the first in a series of questions answered by WRN's new riding apparel contributor, Joanne Donn from Find out Joanne's answer here.
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