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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Footpegs and Floorboards Reviews

5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Indian Motorcycle

Bolt-ons that make you more comfortable on the bike

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor at Large
With comfort comes confidence. Here's our list of important accessories to make your Indian bike fit you.
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Handlebars, Shocks & Footpegs for Short and Tall Riders

Plus, lighting to improve your ride

Just like the three bears' beds for Goldilocks, our stock motorcycles are just not right sometimes. Often it's a matter of adjusting the handlebars, the footpegs or the shocks. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson is aware that not all riders are built the same, so over the last few years, engineers in the P&A department have been designing various parts to accommodate shorter and taller-than-average riders. We also included something every rider should have—a set of auxiliary riding lights from Motolight.
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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Ideas for women (and men) that won't break the bank!

Still have a few (or a lot) of items to check off your holiday shopping list? Don't despair. Here are some perfect gifts for the motorcycle-loving loved ones in your life. And with most of these items coming in at less than $50, you won't even have to break the bank. So go ahead and get shopping.
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Fall Motorcycle Products Spotlight

New accessories to get you riding in style

Low seats for big motorcycles, durable and bendable eyewear, and motorcycle-themed luggage—we've got a selection of motorcycle products to accessorize your bike (and you) this fall.
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Cool Gadgets You Should Know About

Fun stuff to share

3/6/2009, By Genevieve Schmitt
I recently attended the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati where manufacturers showcase their new products to motorcycle dealers hoping the dealers will buy them to sell to us. Here are some products I found that I think you should know about.
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Non-Slip Brake Pedal

A problem-solver product

If you ride a Harley-Davidson touring or Softail model that has a front brake pedal with a rubber pad, you may have experienced your foot slipping on the rubber when the rubber gets wet, muddy or greasy, or when it wears over time. Well, the folks at The Robson Company, have come up with another great idea to solve the problem of your foot slipping off the brake pedal.
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