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Dual Sport Motorcycle Reviews

Review: Royal Enfield Himalayan Dual Sport

411cc classic utilitarian low seat adventure bike for just $5,000

2/24/2021, By Jean Turner, Photos by Laurette Nicoll and Jean Turner
The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a retro-styled midsized modern classic capable of on and off-road adventure. It’s a great bike for a dirt rider looking to venture onto the street for the first time or a low cost option for a newer rider looking for a no frills do-it-all motorcycle.
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Review: BMW G 310 GS, Entry Level Dual Sport

Small, light, and affordable, the newest GS is well suited for women and men looking for adventure on and off the road

7/18/2018, By Tricia Szulewski, Associate Editor
BMW’s newest GS offers new adventure-seekers premium fit and finish in an affordable entry-level package.
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Video Reader Review: BMW F 700 GS

Cruiser rider transitions to a dual sport and tells us why

8/30/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
WRN reader Michele Karaffa Cage used to ride a cruiser, but she wanted to ride on gravel roads. Listen to her tell us why she chose the BMW F 700 GS as her do-all motorcycle.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Zero Electric Motorcycles

A greener alternative to fueling up

9/7/2010, By Pamela Collins
The green trend has finally sprouted in motorcycling, with one of the more emerald-colored entrants being California-based Zero Motorcycles, a company manufacturing electric motorcycles. Imagine power cords instead of gas pumps and you get the green idea.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Kawasaki Tourers for Every Taste

Testing Kawasaki's long-in-the-saddle bikes

8/23/2010, By Carla King
People ask me, “What is a touring bike?” and I always say it’s any bike you’re touring on. I know I know, but really, unless you’re doing some truly hardcore riding, anything with a decent-sized gas tank that’s comfortable for a couple-day’s ride that you can strap some gear on is fine. Still, it’s very nice to have a bike that’s actually built for touring and the 650cc Versys is a versatile choice.
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By Kathleen Cudmore, Baltimore, Maryland

7/15/2009, Kathleen's height: 5 feet 7 inches
The Buell motorcycles have come a long way since the late 1990s, from tubular frames to frames with the gas tank included in the design. Riding a Buell motorcycle is unique in that you are included in the Harley, BMW and metric sportbike crowd. Most of the models look like the metric sportbikes but are actually open standard motorcycles, with the exception of the new 1125R and the Buell Firebolt.
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By Monica Holmes, New York, New York

5/13/2009, Monica's height: 6 feet
The BMW R 1200 GS is one of the most successful production models for the company. BMW began as a producer of aircraft engines in 1913, and it began producing motorcycles before it produced cars. In 1921, BMW developed the M2 B15, also known as the first "Boxer" motorcycle.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: BMW G 650 GS: Versatile and Affordable

A bike aimed at new and returning riders

2/27/2009, By Perri Capell, Photos by Jonathan Beck
BMW believes its success in the US motorcycle market now and in the future requires grabbing hold of newcomers and not letting go. The company has identified many newcomers as women, in addition to older and returning riders and, surprisingly, people of smaller statures.
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A trio of fun, but are they as entry level as BMW says they are?

7/26/2007, By Genevieve Schmitt, Photos by Kevin Wing
This must be the year for the introduction of the "one platform/three bikes" theme. Kawasaki introduced three versions of its Vulcan 900 all in one model year (reviewed here on WRN); and now BMW unveils three versions of its new G 650 X platform in the same year. Genevieve test rides them and shares which one is her favorite.
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Expand your motorcycling horizons

11/16/2006, By Genevieve Schmitt
Once in awhile a bike comes along that really gets the attention of Editor Genevieve Schmitt – the kind of attention that has her thinking of actually owning one. See why Genevieve's all excited about the new Buell Ulysses.
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