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Cleaners Reviews

All-Purpose Cleaner for Windshield and Whole Motorcycle

Recommend by Klock Werks

Klock Werks, the company behind the famous Flare Windshield, now has a product to effectively clean the windshield, and all parts of the motorcycle.
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PRODUCT REVIEWS: Necessities For My Trip

Lip balm, lens cleaner, and a Harley-Davidson knife

10/30/2009, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
If you’re a regular reader of WRN, you know I took a 26-day ride on my motorcycle this past summer hitting three different events I needed to attend for business. I traveled from my home in Montana to Sturgis, South Dakota, then down south to Colorado and back to Montana covering 3200 miles. Here’s a quick review of some handy items I used on my trip.
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Arm Yourself: Protect Your Bike, Hair and Feet

Products that make your riding life less complicated

We've put together some products designed to protect you and your bike from the elements that you encounter on the road. Whether you are stuck out in the rain with your favorite leather boots, trying to save a great paint job, or constantly battling helmet hair, check out these new products.
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Cool Gadgets You Should Know About

Fun stuff to share

3/6/2009, By Genevieve Schmitt
I recently attended the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati where manufacturers showcase their new products to motorcycle dealers hoping the dealers will buy them to sell to us. Here are some products I found that I think you should know about.
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Helmet Cleaner and Anti-Fog

Keep your helmet clean and clear

Taking care of your gear can be just as important as changing your oil and filling up your tank. Keeping your vision unobstructed and your gear smelling good not only makes you a better rider; it's the right thing to do. Check out some of the products we swear by for safe and pleasant ride.
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Hodge Podge of Products

Stuff we think is cool

This line of motorcycle cleaning products is called Simply Wow because the company making them says you'll say "wow" when you see how their products work. The cleaners are organic meaning they don't pollute the planet. Find out more about this new cleaner, plus the other products we have featured.
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