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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Children and Motorcycling

Motorcycle Riding Family Carries on the Touring Tradition

Passing down a beloved father’s Harley-Davidsons

11/12/2019, By Sherry Kimbrell, Lancaster, South Carolina
When Sherry lost her beloved husband and riding partner, Richard, she ensured the family's tradition of touring would continue.
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Strider Bikes Offering Cool New "Racing" Model for Toddlers

Give your kid the look of their famous motorcycle racing champions

Building on the success of the original no-pedal Strider bike for toddlers, the new Special Edition Nicky Hayden Ducati Corse Strider offers the youngest riders a bike with the true look of a motorcycle champion.
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Two Wheels for Your Toddler

Get the kids started early!

What a nifty invention! These no-pedal balance bikes from Strider help toddlers get acclimated to two wheels just as soon as they can walk. Can you say “future motorcyclist"?
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2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists

Gift ideas for the riders in your life

There aren't many shopping days left 'til Christmas, but Women Riders Now (WRN) has got you covered with another great gift guide featuring a collection of items perfect for the motorcyclists in your life—including you!
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Kids’ Riding Gear

Keeping the youngest passengers safe

8/8/2011, By Tricia and Kaia Szulewski
I’ve always enjoyed taking passengers and sharing my passion for riding motorcycles. But when my young daughter, Kaia, started asking me to take her for rides, I would immediately dismiss the idea. It’s one thing to accept the risk of injuring my own body, but to put my own daughter at risk was unimaginable.
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Reader Story: Father-Daughter Bonding Through Motorcycling

A young woman's perspective on riding

5/1/2010, By Lauren Bachur, Bel Air, Maryland
"All set?" The sound of my father's voice was muffled against the angry roar of his Honda Magna 750cc V4. It's a question I've heard thousands of times before. I flashed a thumbs-up, my heart picking up speed as his foot pounded against the kickstand and his right hand twisted the throttle. We set off into a whole new world, a journey of the mind and soul as well as on the road itself.
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The Kind of Love Handles You'll Want

More comfort for the passenger

Motorcycle riders have handlebars to hold on to when they ride, but what about the passenger on the back of the motorcycle that's not equipped with armrests? A sissy bar helps, but it's still a struggle to get comfortable for the long haul. Now an Albuquerque company has come up with a solution. Love Handles Motorcycle Armrests are uniquely designed to help make motorcycle passengers feel more relaxed
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WRN Holiday Gift Guide: Motorcycle Themed Ideas

Fun items think you'll love

In the first of series of three Gift Guide articles, WRN editors have hand picked items, we think WRN readers will want to know about to buy for a friend, themself, or put on their own wish list. We compiled items we think you'll enjoy giving and getting.
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READERS' RIDES: Love of Motorcycling Sets in at Any Age

60 years separate these passionate new riders

The love of motorcycling can come on at any age through the encouragement of a friend or even through a change in life that says it's time to try something new. These readers took to riding at different phases of their lives, but with similar intensity.
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Holiday Gift Ideas: For Kids

For the little ones

Share your passion for motorcycling with your children, grandchildren, young friends and relatives by giving them a motorcycle-themed storybook. We were so excited when these books came to us because we've been hard pressed to find motorcycling children's books, and these are just great, in our opinion.
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