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Can-Am Spyder Reviews

New Mentorship Program Launches to Help Women Experience the Open Road

Can-Am's exciting initiative aims to grow the number of female motorcyclists

5/28/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program is inspiring more women to get out onto the open road. Learn how to get involved and have direct access to mentors to plan rides, ask questions, and learn more about riding.
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Three-Wheeler Review: Can-Am Ryker

A perfect first “motorcycle” for new riders—automatic transmission and only a footbrake!

10/9/2018, By Brittany Morrow, Contributor, Photos by Kevin Wing
This new entry level three-wheeled motorcycle from Can-Am is designed to get new riders on the streets quickly and easily.
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Learning to Ride a 2-Wheeled Motorcycle, then Choosing 3 Wheels

Can-Am Spyder is a great first bike for this new rider

8/15/2018, By Michelle “Smokey” Amicone, Youngstown, OH
After passing the MSF Basic RiderCourse, this new rider decided that the Can-Am Spyder makes the most sense for her first bike.
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How a Ride on a Can-Am Spyder Changed One Female Veteran’s Life

Adventure therapy on the open road helps heal PTSD

11/30/2017, By Janice Godwin, Managing Editor
Veteran Jessy Baxley is on the road to recovery after taking an adventure therapy trip riding 1,500 miles on a Can-Am Spyder.
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Your Motorcycles: A Scooter, 4 Motorcycles, and a Can-Am Spyder

This rider finally found her dream ride, and it has three wheels

9/28/2017, By Elaine Taddeo, Liverpool, New York
She started with a scooter, moved up to a small cruiser, then to riding larger motorcycles, then to three wheels.
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Reader Story and Review: From Bike to Trike

Taking the time to find what worked for her

12/17/2013, By Sherri Brody, Litchfield Park, Arizona
To say that my history with motorcycles was minimal would be an understatement. I had never ridden “anything,” and 26 years ago had ridden on a bike as a passenger for about an hour. My husband, Mike, rides bikes and has raced dirt bikes his entire life. When he retired, and a girl friend of mine got her motorcycling license, I decided to take the leap and work towards getting mine.
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Three-wheels that two-wheeled riders can get exited about

By Genevieve Schmitt, Photos by Rene Bruce
I finally got my opportunity to ride this infamous three-wheeler that has onlookers everywhere doing a doubletake. Women Riders Now reviewed BRP's Can-Am Spyder roadster in 2007 when the unusual three-wheeler first hit the market. WRN contributor Perri Capell test rode the Spyder then. Now two model years later with improved handling and more options, I'm getting my chance to feel firsthand what all the fuss is about.
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MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Spyder Roadster: Three-Wheeler of a Different Kind

Is it purposeful and practical?

12/20/2007, By Perri Capell, Photos by Riles & Nelson
BRP's 2008 Can-Am Spyder roadster has two wheels in front and one in back for a total of three, but since it operates and looks somewhat like a motorcycle, I thought that it would feel like one, too. I was wrong. Riding the Spyder isn't at all like riding a motorcycle.
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