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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

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7 Great Books To Inspire Past, Present, and Future Motorcyclists

Recently released motorcycle books from female authors that include self-help, how-to, memoirs, fiction, and an illustrated children’s storybook

12/15/2019, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Women Riders Now (WRN) has put together a collection of some of our favorite moto-reads from the last few years. The best part—these books have been written by women motorcycle enthusiasts, with the exception of one, which was co-authored by a husband and wife duo.
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Book Review: “Gloria, A Lifetime Motorcyclist”

She’s 93 and still riding!

8/13/2018, By Genevieve Schmitt, WRN Founder
WRN founder Genevieve Schmitt takes a look inside “Gloria, A Lifetime Motorcyclist,” an autobiography of the adventurous Gloria Tramontin Struck.
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Book Preview: Soul Rider by Carolyn Fox

Riding a motorcycle in 50 states at age 50

12/13/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt
In the early 1990s, Carolyn Fox became one of the first women ever to ride a motorcycle across all 50 states. She chronicles this rare feat in her new book, "Soul Rider."
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Book Preview: Revolutionary Ride by Lois Pryce

Fascinating solo motorcycle adventure tour of Iran by British woman

12/11/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt
"Revolutionary Ride" chronicles Lois Pryce's 3,000-mile motorcycle adventure to Iran to experience the real story of its people and their way of life.
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Book Review: Dirty Dining by Lisa Thomas

Making motorcycling adventure taste better from an expert world traveler

12/6/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt
If you're a camper and adventurer at heart, you need to own a copy of Lisa Thomas' "Dirty Dining." Its simple and delicious recipes can make a lot out of a little.
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Book Preview: Harley and Me

One woman’s memoir of embracing risk on the road to a more authentic life

7/31/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
With scientific research and journalistic interviews weaving through a compelling road trip narrative, “Harley and Me” is a compelling look at how one woman changed her life and found deeper meaning out on the open road.
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Book Preview: Ride the Black Hills

New book details 13 motorcycle routes

7/27/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Motorcyclists attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, or anyone planning to travel in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota, should get a copy of "Ride The Black Hills."
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Harley-Davidson Coffee Table Style Books Make a Great Gift

Add these motorcycle picture books to your collection

2/27/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
What better way to show off your love of Harley-Davidson and its history than by having a beautiful picture book on your coffee table in your living room or office.
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Book Review: The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling

Everything a new rider needs to know about starting her journey on two wheels

11/22/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
A new book out entitled “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” aims to help beginners get to know the sport of riding a little better to help them make informed decisions.
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Motorcycle Monkeys Lets You Share Your Passion for Riding With Kids

Mimi and Moto book introduces motorcycling to children

"The Adventures of Mimi and Moto: The Motorcycle Monkeys" is a children’s motorcycle book that lets adults share their love of riding with their young family members.
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