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Alpinestars Reviews

WRN Top Picks: Best Women’s Motorcycle Touring Boots

Our favorite footwear for riding a sport tourer, tourer, bagger, or any street bike

11/2/2020, By Women Riders Now Staff and Leadership Board
We began our riding boot buying guide with an overview of the different styles available to motorcycle riders. In this article, we share our own personal favorite touring boots and tell you why we love them.
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Clothing Review: Alpinestars Stella Vika Jacket, Pants & Gloves

Ultimate rider protection right off the catwalk

5/28/2014, By Tricia Szulewski, photos by Tom Riles
Gone are the days when women riders had to forgo safety and protection for their motorcycling gear in favor of simply looking good. While most motorcycle apparel companies now offer a selection of functional and fashionable riding gear patterned for women’s bodies, there are limited choices for gals who want an fashionable look while riding their motorcycle. Enter the Alpinestars Vika line.
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Product Review: Alpinestars Stella T-Fuel Waterproof Jacket and Stella Tyla Gloves

Three-season riding in a stylish package

3/12/2013, By Donya Carlson
I like when a motorcycle jacket is described as being “specifically styled and cut for women” and truly is. The Alpinestars Stella T-Fuel Waterproof Jacket has smaller-circumference closures at the wrists and neck to correctly fit a woman’s features, plus an extended profile makes it long enough to fit over a woman's hips.
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Riding Jackets That Go from Warm to Cool Temperatures

New styles Alpinestars, Joe Rocket and Harley-Davidson

As we ride into autumn with fallen leaves swirling around us—and occasional bursts of cool or warm temperatures (depending on what part of the country you live in)—a jacket that can handle change is essential. With a variety of features, these new styles from Alpinestars, Joe Rocket and Harley-Davidson can transition from keeping us warm to cooling us down.
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Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Jackets

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

3/8/2011, By Alisa Clickenger
Even just a few years ago, a woman who was tall, large or curvy—or any combination of the three—had a difficult time finding riding gear that would fit well, protect and help her look good while riding a motorcycle. And if she wanted a choice of styles? Forget it. Like me, many women have stuffed themselves into men's gear for years just to be protected or ride in gear that just doesn’t fit quite right.
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Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Pants and Chaps

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

3/8/2011, By Alisa Clickenger
When it comes to finding riding gear for the lower half of the body, women riders who are tall and/or curvy have the hardest time finding gear that fits. That's because there is a very limited selection of styles available in larger sizes, unlike jackets, where there are more options available. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list with the most current sizing and prices to date of leather pants and chaps in women's sizes 14 up to 26, including tall.
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New Products: Items For Your Motorcycle & You

Fruit guards, jackets, tees, seats and more

What a nifty gadget — plastic containers to protect your fruit from getting smooshed in your saddlebags. Check them out plus a whole lot more including a motorcycle seat that gets you down low, T-shirts that show off your biker attitude, and jackets for all kinds of riding. These are just some of the new items available now we think you'll just love, or at least want to know about.
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PRODUCT REVIEWS: Riding Gear from My Summer Travels

WRN Editor rates what she wore and helps you define your personal style

10/19/2009, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I bought a new motorcycle in 2008. This past summer was my second season riding my new custom painted 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. Having a new motorcycle with a specific color paint job re-inspired me to jazz up my riding gear so it complements my bike and my personal style. Read my review of an Alpinestars jacket, a Harley-Davidson jacket, along with some fun riding shirts.
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Italian Leather Riding Jackets & Boots

Alpinestars unveils 2009 line

Alpinestars is a popular leather apparel company in the European motorcycling community. In the U.S. its known mostly among motorcycle racing circles. The leather is some of the best in the world with the garments featuring Euro-style cuts and designs. Here are some of the new designs for women riders.
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Hot New Gear: Bringing Power to Women Riders

What's new at Dealer Expo

2/26/2008, By Brittany Morrow
This 2008 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis was larger than life, bursting at the seams of the downtown convention center. Much to our excitement, this year's Expo catered to female riders more than ever before, giving women the power of choice, self-expression, independence, and protection. We spoke with a few well-known brands to get the inside scoop on what they're doing for today's women on two wheels.
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