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All-Women Motorcycle Tour in Cuba Now Taking Registrations

Join other female riders on this all-paved road adventure


all women motorcycle tour in cuba logo
Women’s Motorcycle Tours and MotoDiscovery are organizing the first ever all women’s motorcycle tour of Cuba. Scheduled for March 18–26, 2017, the tour will focus on "people-to-people" encounters throughout the country. 

"Cuba has been calling me since I was very young," said Alisa Clickenger, the event organizer at Women’s Motorcycle Tours. "Enchanted with the forbidden country so close and yet so far away, I've longed to visit Cuba most of my life. Thanks to MotoDiscovery's efforts in establishing a ‘People-to-People’ program, we are now able to travel through Cuba using my favorite mode of transportation and exploration: motorcycles.” Alisa most recently organized the coast-to-coast Sister's Centennial Motorcycle Ride that wrapped up in July.

all women motorcycle tour in cuba
The motorcycles offered on this tour are a Harley-Davidson, and a Suzuki V-Strom, not the BMW shown in this photo, taken on a previous MotoDiscovery tour of Cuba.

The nine-day tour has a full schedule of People-to-People (P2P) exchanges designed to inform, educate, and promote meaningful interaction with Cubans from all walks of life. Cuba is enchanting in spite of its lingering flaws from the triumph of Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution. 

all women motorcycle tour in cuba locals
The real treasure of Cuba is its people: educated, extremely resourceful and proud. MotoDiscovery riders are genuinely welcomed by locals.

all women motorcycle tour in cuba motodiscovery
MotoDiscovery has been leading international tours since 1981, adding Cuba to its motorcycle tour lineup after gaining the prestigious license from the U.S. Treasury Department in 2012. "There is no better way to engage the people of Cuba than by traveling on two wheels," said MotoDiscovery founder Skip Mascorro. "Riding through the Cuban countryside, stopping in rural villages, tobacco farms, music and art schools proves a truly enriching and rewarding experience."

Riders will be treated to open roads with little traffic, diverse scenery including lush tropics, beautiful mountains and the crystal waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. “We are early pioneers in all-female motorcycle tours, having run numerous all-women events into Old Mexico,” said Moscorro. To now be working with Alisa Clickenger on staging the first such ride in Cuba is a real honor. This ride is very special and the timing couldn’t be better.” 

all women motorcycle tour in cuba horse buggy
All the roads are paved or hard surfaces on this tour of Cuba.

all women motorcycle tour in cuba vintage harley
Old motorcycles, like this vintage Harley, are commonplace in Cuba because of the block on trade with the U.S. for many years. And seeing families riding on one motorcycle is all part of Cuba's charm.

For registration information, visit Visit to learn more about the tour operator.

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