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All-Women Dual-Sport Motorcycle Ride Taking Place in July

Meet new riding friends, and learn new skills while traveling the famous Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route


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This July, 10 women motorcyclists will have the opportunity to travel along the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR), a noted scenic off-road riding destination, on a motorcycle tour designed for women. 

Women’s Motorcycle Tours is offering its first off-road adventure for women who love dual-sport riding. Held from July 23–30, 2017, the tour will traverse Colorado from north to south on mostly unpaved words adhering to the original as-mapped-out COBDR as much as is possible. The tour will pass over some of the highest roads available to motorcyclists in the United States at more than 12,000 feet.

all women backcountry motorcycle ride held this summer
Majestic scenery, challenging terrain, bragging rights—just some of the benefits women will get to have on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route all-women motorcycle tour.

"I'm so excited to partner with Pat Jacques of ADVWoman to offer an incredible trip like the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route as our company's first dual-sport tour," said Alisa Clickenger, founder of Women's Motorcycle Tours. "Pat and I pre-rode the COBDR together last September and we had a blast. The riding is phenomenal, the scenery breathtaking, and the route is absolutely unbeatable. Pat lives in the magnificent Colorado Rockies so her local knowledge really helps us make this a wonderful trip for the ladies."

all women backcountry motorcycle ride held this summer COBDR
Here's Alisa and Pat on their scouting trip of the COBDR last year.

The tour takes place immediately after the Second Annual ADVWoman Rally held July 20-23, 2017, in Granby, Colorado. "The idea is that women will come to the rally and then ride the COBDR with us immediately afterwards. We think there's no better way than combining training and touring to cement the skills riders learn in workshops, immediately practicing those skills in real-world riding conditions," said Clickenger.

The Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route is one of the most respected routes an adventure rider can travel. The tour will traverse Ophir, Corkscrew, Hurricane, California, Cinnamon, Cumberland, Cottonwood, Weston, and Hagerman passes riding about 650 miles through some of the most rugged and scenic landscape in America. The all-female staff will include experienced dual-sport riders Clickenger and Jacques (a former professional motocross racer) as tour guides, while offering instruction, encouragement, and assistance every day of the tour. 

all women backcountry motorcycle ride held this summer scenery
This is some of the amazing scenery to be witnessed on the tour as wildflowers are in full bloom in late July in Colorado.

The COBDR tour is hotel-based—so no camping—with maps, luggage support, a chase vehicle, and all meals included. The group is limited to 10 women so there will be lots of personal attention for each rider. "It's a chance to make new friends who may become new riding partners, while participating in a life-changing experience on two wheels," said Clickenger.

For registration information, a daily itinerary, and daily videos of the ride, visit Women's Motorcycle Tours.

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