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Aerostich Reviews

Review: Aerostich Women's Roadcrafter Motorcycle Riding Suit

The ultimate in all-over protection

1/21/2015, By Tricia Szulewski
Aerostich's Roadcrafter one and two-piece riding suits have a huge following men, but among the women who love this all-over motorcycle riding protection suit, they have been relegated to wearing the men’s cut all these years. Finally, we get a women’s version. We put the suit through its paces for this thorough review.
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Aerostich Now Making Women’s Riding Suits

Popular one-piece riding garment now cut for women

The Roadcrafter from Aerostitch is one of motorcycling's oldest and most popular riding suits. Developed in 1984, the Roadcrafter has been the suit of choice for thousands of riders heading out on world tours. Now Aerostich is following the lead of many major motorcycle apparel manufacturers and making sizes cut specifically for women riders.
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How High-Tech Clothing Improves Your Ride

Thow away those cotton T-shirts for goodness sakes!

1/9/2006, By Margie Siegal
The secret is out! Motorcyclists are discovering a secret that for the last decade was shared only by outdoor enthusiasts. It's the secret of high-tech clothing -- clothing made of technologically advanced fabric.
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