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A Guy and Girl Ride Forever On Their Motorcycles

Living on the road

By Steve Johnson

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Rewards aren't just the result of hard work, but also of huge risks. It all starts with a dream and recognizing when the opportunity has arrived.

The date is June 15, 2014. My wife, Sash, and I are in a motel room in Bakersfield, Calif., about 230 miles north of where we started in San Diego. If you know Bakersfield, then you know it's the armpit of California. Our only reason for coming here is because Sash's daughter is having her first baby.  

Otherwise, staying in Bakersfield for an entire month is just the first stop on a motorcycle road trip that might last forever. We might never return home again. Sash and I may just ride from town to town until we die.

girl and guy ride forever on their motorcycles sash walker steve johnson
Steve Johnson and his wife, Sash.

There are times I wonder if I'm just dreaming all this. It was in 2011 that she and I got together. Each of us had been married to other people, Sash for 15 years, and I for 21. Neither of us was happy in our marriages, at best content, though often frustrated. We were each 45 years old when we decided the other was the soul mate we had searched for in vain. We took in some deep breaths, explained the situation to our spouses, and got divorces. It brought up a lot of emotional upheaval from our respective families, we lost a lot of friends, even lost some respect from the community, but we had each other.

In the divorce, I gave up the house, the furnishings, the car, our checking account, our retirement account, pretty much everything I had worked for, except for my motorcycle and pickup truck. We still co-owned the Internet media company we created.

Sash still had the house after her divorce, along with one car, but no money and no income.

I ended up hiring her to do sales and marketing for my Internet media company. She performed brilliantly, boosting company revenues. It turns out she has a knack for sales, relying primarily on her charm, social skills, and being a genuine believer in what she sells. In a year's time, the domestic housewife and soccer mom was transformed into an dynamic, brazen, and sexy businesswoman.

The following year, Sash and I started our own marketing company together, and later married. At the start of 2013, Sash bought her first motorcycle after earning her endorsement at an MSF class. Three months later, we set off on our bikes for a six-month road trip across the country and back. After logging 15,000 miles on the road, through rain, hail, wind, and heat, Sash had come of age as a motorcycle rider.

girl and guy ride forever on their motorcycles sash walker
Getting ready to leave San Diego at the start of their trip.

Moreover, the six-month road trip gave us the chance to market our marketing company, as well as strengthen client relations with my Internet media company.

In early June, she and I spent time with her daughter and son-in-law. It will be any day now that Sash becomes a grandmother for the first time. I suppose the greatest reward in raising a child is to hold its own child in your arms, and feel confident that you've laid a solid foundation for it to grow.

For myself, I can't help seeing a parallel. I created a business and lifestyle that gave birth to the woman that Sash had wanted to be. In a way, I'm like a proud papa watching her shine.

So now, we're back on another motorcycle road trip, but this time instead of six months, we're looking to make it permanent. Our marketing company is growing. Now, she's the one doing the leading and I'm following her. It's not to say that our relationship is perfect, however. We still have our fair share of fights, perhaps even a little more than our fair share. There are still a lot of bad habits formed from our previous marriages, and there's still a lot of hurt from our childhoods.  

But the road is wide open ahead.  

I plan for this article to be the first of an on-going series covering our new life on the road together. When we come into your town, Sash and I would love for you to contact us for a get together. I hope you'll follow along.

Read part 2 here.

can women save motorcycling steve johnson
Author Steve Johnson

About the Author

Steve Johnson and his wife, Sash Walker, are contributors behind the WRN section Sash & Steve Life on the Road. Steve has been riding motorcycles since 1985, and is the writer behind Road Pickle, an online motorcycle touring publication, and Motorcycle Philosophy, his own personal perspectives on motorcycling. Steve and his wife, Sash, currently operate their own marketing and website development business catering to the motorcycle industry. He now rides a 2006 Honda ST1300 and has ridden all over the United States and Canada. When he's not riding or working, he's enjoying a craft brew and writing his science fiction novel. Steve and Sash live and work on the road. Visit Steve on Google+

Do you have a story to share? Send it to us, but read these submission guidelines first.

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