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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

WRN RiderCoach / Dealer Program

Helping you share valuable info with your students and customers

One of the goals at Women Riders Now is to provide beginning riders with the tools they need to start their riding experience off on the right foot. We've created an entire section just for them called "Beginner's Guide." is the place new riders can find out about new products, check out test rides of new motorcycles and read other people's inspirational motorcycling stories.

We would like to assist you in sharing helpful information for your students and/or customers by making them aware of We have 4x6 postcards we'd love to get to you to make available to your students and customers. We know you might not be able to personally recommend any Web sites or publications, but we do know that many training facilities have a table with helpful brochures and magazines for students to take. At dealerships, often there's a counter with brochures and free publications. We'd like you to place our postcards on those tables for students and customers to pick up.

This is what the WRN postcard looks like.
This is what the WRN postcard looks like.

These postcards are free. Just let us know how many you want and we'll send them priority mail to you. When you run out, just email us and we'll send more. Email Genevieve Schmitt at

Be sure to tell us:
-your name,
-facility/dealership name
-address where to send postcards (can be your home if you want to be in charge of them)
-how many you need

Thank you for helping spread the word about Women Riders Now.