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Style Your Garage! Creative Covers for Garage Doors

Add some flair with eye-catching images


We just had to share this unique product release with you, as we think it's something our motorcycle-minded readers might get a kick out of. When you think of adding some pep to your garage exterior, new paint might be what comes to mind. But for the folks at Style Your Garage, adding style to a garage means thinking bigger—a lot bigger! 

The photo-realistic covers from this German company can make your garage look like it’s housing a jumbo jet—or a sportscar, a boat, even a horse! And if your garage isn’t currently storing your dream motorcycle, a Style Your Garage cover can serve as an aspirational adornment until you’re ready to buy the real thing. 

Style Your Garage Covers
The covers from Style Your Garage play with different perspectives to create a perfect illusion. Passersby will definitely do a double-take!

Harley-Davidson Road King Garage
Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special
The covers from Style Your Garage play with different perspectives to create a perfect illusion. Neighbors and passersby will definitely do a double-take!

The photo covers are light-fast, weatherproof, and made of robust and high-quality material. And because they attach to the garage door using a Velcro strip, the covers can be removed at any time without leaving a trace, meaning even renters can take advantage. 

Horse Garage Cover
Italian Garage Mural
Suburb and city dwellers can add a taste of the country with the “Horsebox” and “Bella Italia” garage covers. 

Winter Garage Mural
The “Winter Road” cover creates the effect of a dreamy mural.

Here's one that's sure to shock the neighbors!
Here's one that's sure to shock the neighbors!

Style Your Garage covers can be ordered in seven sizes, including those for single and double garages. If you divide the cover into appropriate sections, you can also use them to decorate sectional doors. Motifs can also be customised on request if the size of garage door differs from the standard sizes offered. There are more than 350 designs available, but you can even use your own photo to create a cover!

Garage Door Renovation
Designs like the "Country Mansion" can add a new look to your garage door without costly renovations.

Each eye-catching garage door cover is delivered with a complete assembly kit, which can also be found on the company’s website. Prices start at €59 (about $77), although because the company is in Germany, shipping to the United States is a bit hefty at €29 EUR (about $38). 

Learn more and start shopping at Orders can be placed via PayPay, which will do the euro-to-dollars conversion for you. 

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