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Reader Jacket Review: Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A step above the traditional leather jacket

By Theresa Clark; Eagle Creek, Oregon

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I was introduced to Fox Creek Leather when my husband was in need of a new motorcycle jacket. We were looking for something well-constructed, durable, and made in the United States. The garments from Fox Creek Leather seemed to fit the bill, so we placed an order for a men's leather riding jacket.
Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review
Theresa and her husband looking stylish in their Fox Creek Leather jackets.

Before the jacket arrived, I was a bit skeptical that it would meet our quality standards. I guess that was the seamstress in me coming out, but it was also a result of our experience with other leather motorcycle jackets. Sure, they all looked good in pictures, but they didn't look so great up close. When my husband's jacket arrived, however, we were both pleasantly surprised to find that the garment was indeed well-made.

The following year my husband bought me the women's Classic Motorcycle Jacket II from Fox Creek Leather. Although you can buy the company's jackets off the shelf, mine is custom fitted. I was surprised at how much care Fox Creek Leather took to make sure my jacket fit correctly. When I placed my order, I gave a company representative my measurements and they sent me a "try-on" jacket, instructing me to call them when I had the jacket on so I could answer a few questions about its fit. 

I then sent back the "try-on" jacket, and six weeks later I received a custom-fitted jacket of my own. It was well worth the wait. The riding jacket I'd owned prior to this one was thin, and air would get in through the seams. The seams on my new Fox Creek Leather jacket were sewn tight so no cold air could pass through.

Fox Creek Leather Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Review
Theresa models the women's Classic Motorcycle Jacket II from Fox Creek Leather.

Fox Creek Leather Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Review Back
She loves that the waist on the jacket is adjustable, avoiding that "boxy" shape and allowing her to look feminine, even from behind.

I've had my Fox Creek Leather jacket for six years now. I love the fit of it and have received quite a few comments from other ladies inquiring as to where I got it. The leather they use is thick but soft at the same time. The laced adjustable sides allow you to let out the fabric when you're wearing more layers underneath or cinch it up so it's more form-fitting. I like people to know I'm a woman even when I have my back turned to them, and the feminine cut of this jacket allows for that.

Fox Creek Leather Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Review Waist
The jacket offers dual rear vents (seen here), along with dual vents in the front and on the sleeves.

I also like the jacket's venting, which is handy when riding in warm weather. For cold weather, I opted for the zip-out liner for extra warmth in the winter. The hide-away fleece neck warmer also helps on those colder days. The Classic II comes with a belt, but I opted to have it sent with the jacket but not installed. 

Fox Creek Leather Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Review on Bike
Six years after its purchase, Theresa's jacket from Fox Creek Leather is still going strong. Now that's an endorsement!

All in all, I'm happy with my jacket. It has become one with me. The leather has developed a nice patina, making it easy to pick it out from a pile of leather jackets. In fact, I liked the jacket so much that I bought some chaps from Fox Creek Leather to go with it.  

The Classic Motorcycle Jacket II costs $422 and can be purchased on Fox Creek Leather's website. Shipping is free. Visit for more information.

Bonus video: Watch how Fox Creek Leather makes its leather vests at its Virginia factory. Craftsmanship at its best! 

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