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PRODUCT REVIEW: Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands

Why didn't we think of that?

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

This is one of those products where you say "why didn't I think of that?" Well, Chris Robson and his team at the Robson Company solved a problem when one of their women rider staffers was having trouble reaching her motorcycle's turn signal buttons. Her hands are too small to reach the turn signal on her Harley-Davidson without having to move her hand off the throttle or clutch -- which is not a good thing when you're riding. So the Thumbnail Extension was born. 

Thumbnail Extension for Small Hands Motorcycle
Demonstrating how my thumb can easily reach the turn signal with the thumbnail extension taped on.

The plastic extension piece tapes to your existing turn signal button so those with small hands can easily reach their turn signal without having to move their hand off the throttle or clutch. The product is a little piece of plastic with double-sided tape on the back. Instructions on the packaging say to clean the surface of the turn signal button with alcohol. There's an alcohol packet included. This is so the surface is free of grease and dirt so the tape will stick better.

You simply remove the film off the double sided tape and press the turn signal extension onto your existing turn signal. The tape is pretty strong so the extension stays on. The time we tested the product we never had problems with it coming off -- so long as you don't apply more than normal pressure to it. It's only tape, so if you want to remove it, you can.  

There are two extensions in a package, one for each turn signal. They fit 1996 to current Harley-Davidson models only. They come in black ($10) and chrome ($15). You pay for shipping which is estimated on where you live. It cost me $5. Visit or call 814.774.5914. Definitely a problem solver for those with small hands.

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