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More Great Gadgets From The Robson Company

A new version of the Thumbnail and more


The Robson Company has improved its very popular Thumbnail Extension product, reviewed here on WRN. So what's new? The Thumbnail Curve as its now called, is contoured making it even easier for those with shorter fingers to reach the turn signals. It covers the stock button better so when a rider with a short thumb reaches for the turn signal, the Thumbnail Curve extension is right within reach so the rider doesn't have to move his or her hand off the throttle or handgrip.

More Great Gadgets Turn Signal Extension
The Thumbnail Curve makes it easy for small hands to reach the turn signal on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Chris Robson of The Robson Company tell us he listened to his customers feedback when changing the design of the Thumbnail. The added curve, and the elimination of the front rim and arrow give the Thumbnail Extension its new sleek look. WRN readers raved about the original Thumbnail as you'll see by reading the comments by clicking on the link above. We think you'll like this one even better. 

More Great Gadgets Turn Signal Extension Harley-Davidson
The Thumbnail Curve is more contoured than the original Thumbnail Extension so thumbs can reach it better.

Interested in the original Thumbnail Extension? The Robson Company is offering almost 30 percent off the original design while supplies last. Click here or visit for more details.

Another Cool Product
The Robson Company is introducing a new product that adds a little bling for normally black Harley-Davidson fairings. Cateyes is the name for a trim cover created for Harley-Davidson Batwing fairing accessory buttons. Cateyes are designed with a prism finish on a flat surface to reduce glare -- like what chrome would do. 

The Cateyes fairing cover adds a little more flash to your Harley.
The Cateyes fairing cover adds a little more flash to your Harley.

The package includes left and right "Cateyes," two plugs for empty switch locations (shown on the left side of the photo), an alcohol cleaning pad, and mounting instructions. Visit for more information.

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