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Hodge Podge of Products

Stuff we think is cool


Organic Cleaner for Your Bike
Simply Wow's cleaner set.
Simply Wow's cleaner set.

This line of motorcycle cleaning products is called Simply Wow because the company making them says you'll say "wow" when you see how their products work. The cleaners are organic meaning they don't pollute the planet. Simply Wow has two products to use on your motorcycle: a cleaner/degreaser, and Tuff Buff for paint, wheels, chrome and plexiglass. Both are safe for virtually all surfaces. They contain no harmful agents such as acid, hexane, silicone or petroleum distillates. Visit

Cool Looking Wheels

RMD Billet's Bagger Wheel. We think it looks like a clover leaf.
RMD Billet's Bagger Wheel. We think it looks like a clover leaf.

We think these wheels look hot, hot, hot we just had share them with you. They're called Bagger Wheels by RMD Billet a company in Jasper, Minn. Bagger Wheels are part of the new series called Black-Out Wheels available for 2000 and newer Harley-Davidson "bagger" motorcycles. The wheels are powder-coated in black satin or high gloss black. The design is machined onto the wheel after the powder-coating giving it a high contrast look. There are six designs to choose from; price is $895. Visit

Sophisticated Luggage Rack

Cobra's sleek laser cut luggage rack.
Cobra's sleek laser cut luggage rack.

Cobra is offering a new luggage rack for metric cruisers that company executives say is a direct result of customers' feedback. "We have always been successful when we've listened to our customers," said Tim McCool, Cobra President. "So when more and more of our customers told us they were receptive to an updated option to our phenomenally popular rack, we responded with this new style."

A new formed-steel laser cut luggage rack is being offered along with Cobra's traditional steel tube racks that have been a staple of the metric cruiser community for nearly 15 years. This formed steel luggage rack matches the Cobra Sissy Bar. The rack is formed from steel with laser-cut designs that also work as a place for bungee hooks to grab. The rack also fits with Cobra's existing backrest supports. This allows someone who already has a Cobra sissy bar to upgrade to this rack with no additional hardware needed. For more information or to find a dealer near you , visit

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