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All-Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Now Taking Reservations

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Update April 8, 2014: Schuberth is excited to partner with MotoQuest Tours & Rentals on the Alaska Women’s Motorcycle Ride, and will be providing a C3W flip-up helmet for each participant included in her registration. Sarah Schilke, Schuberth’s Marketing and PR Manager, has been slated to lead this epic adventure. Some might know Sarah from her work with the Women & Motorcycling conferences, and along with her advocacy work she brings decades of experience leading group rides.

This is truly one of those trips of a lifetime—riding a motorcycle through Alaska! And with this special tour sponsored by MotoQuest in conjunction with Schuberth Helmets, women riders can do it in the company of other women. MotoQuest Tours is now taking reservations for its 2014 Alaska All Ladies Motorcycle Ride, running June 29 through July 6, 2014. This will be the fourth time the company has organized an all-women tour. 

All Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Reservations
Women riders pose against the incredible Alaskan scenery. This shot was taken from a previous women’s tour of Alaska that WRN covered. The link to read that story is below.

The eight-day, seven-night 1,200 mile tour starts in Anchorage and heads north to Denali National Park and Fairbanks before heading south and making a loop through Valdez and ending back in Anchorage. Average mileage each day is about 250 miles. 

Womens Tour Alaska Map
The route takes riders through some of the most beautiful spots in Alaska on all paved roads.

While many of Alaska’s roads are upaved, this itinerary takes riders on paved roads only. Included in the price of $4,800 is the rental of a dual-sport Kawasaki KLR 650. The price drops to $3,500 for riders who choose to bring their own motorcycle.
All Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Reservations KLR650
Cathy Herron went on the 2007 MotoQuest Alaska tour and loved the KLR 650 she chose to ride. Behind her are the Tangle River Inn's fishing pond and the foothills of the Alaska range.

MotoQuest is running this tour in partnership with Schuberth Helmets. Sarah Schilke, marketing director for Schuberth and a seasoned on- and off-road rider, will be one of the two guides on the tour. The second is Ariel Krawczyk, a rider with years of experience leading tours. 

All Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Reservations Sarah Schilke
Tour guide Sarah Schilke does her best impression of a moose on a previous MotoQuest tour. It’s likely you will see moose and other wildlife on this ride.

All Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Reservations Ariel Krawczyk
Ariel Krawczyk has been guiding tours, most recently motorcycle tours, all over the world for most of her professional career.

MotoQuest is no stranger to organizing women’s motorcycle tours, having held its first one in 2007. WRN sent a correspondent, Perri Capell, on that ride, who shared with WRN readers what it was like to ride with all women

“One of the advantages of an all-women tour is that it is more appealing for solo female riders or those who have no one to tour with,” said WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt, who has been writing about the growth of women’s motorcycling touring for more than 15 years. “An all-women tour creates a more welcoming environment for solo women, and inevitably on these tours lifelong friendships are formed.” 

A rep from MotoQuest tells us they will assist in matching up solo riders who want to share a room, which should bring down the cost considerably. 

All Women Alaska Motorcycle Tour Reservations Chena Hot Springs
An overnight stay at Chena Hot Springs is aptly timed in the middle of the ride to invigorate riders for the remainder of the tour. Here some of the ladies from the 2007 MotoQuest women’s tour relax in the natural springs.

For more details and to reserve a spot on the 2014 Alaska All Ladies Motorcycle Ride, visit, or 800.756.1990. In Alaska call 907.272.2777. At that link you can also get details for the 2015 all-women Alaska motorcycle tour, dates for which are already set.

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