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6 Ways to Get More Women To Ride Motorcycles

Let’s work together to grow the numbers of ladies who ride

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

6. Show off your sex.
Even if it's not your style, consider wearing gear with bright colors, feminine accents, or let your long, beautiful hair flow from under your helmet in the best way you can without it getting too knotted up. The more women "look" like women, the more likely people will notice that, "Yes! That is a woman riding her own motorcycle!"

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling pigtails
There are plenty of ways to show off your cute feminine qualities, like this woman we caught at Arizona Bike Week who stuck artificial pigtails on her helmet and customized her motorcycle with flowers.

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling shellie feldman
WRN reader and one of our WRN Italy tour companions, Shellie Feldman, loves pink and wears it proudly, both on herself and her Harley-Davidson Sportster.

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling pink tourmaster jacket
I sometimes wear this black textile Motive jacket from Tour Master because it's got subtle pink reflective piping. It does a good job of branding me as a woman when I could otherwise easily be mistaken for a man with all the other non-feminine gear I have.

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling icon leopard gloves
WRN editor Genevieve Schmitt found a clever way to show off her feminine side with these leopard-print Icon gloves that she reviewed here.

If you choose to wear a black full-face helmet with a dark visor and a black leather jacket and pants, you'll blend in with the guys and get no recognition. Go ahead and be daring! 

Other ways to show that you’re a girl on a motorcycle:
- Put a bright colored or feminine colored bungee cord around extra gear on your motorcycle
- Add some sparkly bling to your bike
- Choose gear that emphasizes your female figure
- Add a sticker with a graphic of a woman rider to your helmet

Do you have other ideas on how to get more women interested in motorcycling? Share them in our comments section below and attach a photo.

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